Monday, April 23, 2007

Spirit Photography

With taking a break from trips to the likes of Charleville Castle one of the things I am going to missis getting the opportunity to snap of pictures in the hope of capturing something I cant explain.

As part of my degree in Fine Art I studied photography and had a real interest in it. This mixed with the fact I've spent the last 7 years working in design and working with digital images means that I know when to get excited about a possible paranormal image and when not to.

Above is a shot which was taken on Harriots StairCase in Charleville Castle. The the immediate left of the bannister there appears to be a shadowy figure. Judging by the size against the backgroup I would put the figure at about 4’10”. This stairs in the scene of a fatal accident after Harriot Bury (aged 8) fell to her death while sliding on the bannisters.

I've been lucky (and thats what it is - luck) to have gotten a few images in the last couple of years but this one is my favourite.

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