Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Dropped into the Psychic Café today on the way to work for a nosey around and a bit of grub.

As well as having a very nice plate of breakfast delights I got to have a sit down and a chat with Catherine & Karyn about what it is that they do. Seems that apart from serving up food for the belly they cater for the soul too. With angel card & tarot card readings done by appointment and a few evenings a week of gatherings this is just the thing Dublin is lacking.

I've always felt that Ireland was way behind the times when it comes to spirituality & the paranormal in general. What we do have is all passed by word of mouth and can be a bit inaccessable for people startig out and looking to get involved.

The Psychic Café really puts it out there and Catherine & Karyn have no problem talking about what it is they do. They've been do the rounds for quite a while now, being regulars at holistic fairs etc. So now all I have to do it pop along for a reading and go along to one of there meets.

One of the real bonuses about this place (apart from being able to have a feed) is that the place is open from 7am, 7 days a weeks - that should cut down the crazy 1 month waiting that you get with some readers.

Best of luck to everyone at the Psychic Café!!

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Hi Mark,
Karen here from Psychic Cafe.
Thank you for your kind remarks on the Psychic Cafe, you are most welcome anytime,no doubt we shall see a lot of you,LOL
These meetings are never by chance are they??? LOL