Friday, March 30, 2007

6thSensitive Reviewed!

Seems my website got reviewed by this guy and it wasn't all bad ... pretty good actually seeing as I scored 7 out of 10.

Anyway it means I get listed on his website so that means more traffic - which means I have to get the finger out and update my site.

Cheers Earl.

Psychic Café

Driving home from work yesterday I saw something which caught my eye. Just on the Greenhills road in Tallaght I saw a big 4'x5' sign which read:

Opening April 2nd
Psychic Café

I'll definately be stepping in for a look as soon as possible. Expect to hear more!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Leap Castle: Oubliette

An oubliette was a form of dungeon which was accessible only from a hatch in a high ceiling. To exit an oubliette was nearly impossible without outside help. The word comes from the French oublier, "to forget," as it was used for those prisoners the captors wished to forget about. Most prisoners were left to die of starvation, although in a few cases an oubliette was known to have a large spike in the center of the floor, which would result in more immediate death for those prisoners who were impaled by it.

One of the part of Leap Castle I'm dying to Investigate is the Oubliette. One of the groups that have visit Leap is T.A.P.S and here's what they said about it:

The Oubliette is located in the back section of the room behind where the altar once stood. Originally was a shaft with spikes located at the bottom and people were mercilessly thrown into the dungeon to die from impaling. The lucky ones died instantly, but those who survived died slow, painful deaths from exposure, starvation, and disease while smelling the food of the living and hearing the mass from the chapel above. It’s unknown how many people died this way, but three cartloads of bones were removed from the shaft.

So I guess I'll be spending a bit of time down there .... hopefully not on my own!

Leap Castle

Well this Saturday will see me finally stepping foot on the grounds of the famous Leap Castle. Its a good crowd going and its my first time in a long time to be going on an Investigation that I haven't organised. This time the pressure is on for the 2 Sarahs of Psychic Senses Investigations. Being there first Investigation as a group I wonder what will break there nerves first ... the Elemental or the Boys of Paranormal Forum!? No doubt a full report will follow on and highlights here.

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Following on the Possessed Dolls trend I dug up the story of 'Annabella' (pictured above). This case was investigated by the Warrens, who had also investigated the Amityville house prior to the movie being made. This couple were possible the most well known Paranormal Investigators (other than the GhostBusters) though sadly Ed passed away in 2006 at 80 years of age.

Here are some quotes from the article:

"Who’s Annabelle?" Ed promptly asked. "She belongs to Donna, she moves, she acts alive, but no, I don’t think she’s alive. She’s in the living room" said Angie, pointing across the table. There, sitting on the sofa." Lorraine looked to her left, into the living room. "Are you talking about the doll?" "That’s right," Angie replied, "the big raggedy Ann doll. "That’s Annabelle, she moves!" Ed got up and walked into the living room to inspect the doll. It was big and heavy, the size of a four-year-old child, sitting with its legs stretched out on the sofa. The black pupil-less eyes stared back at him, while the painted-on smile gave the doll an expression of grim irony.

"We knew something unusual was going on," Donna answered. "The doll did change rooms by itself. It did pose in different gestures, we all saw it, but wanted to know why? Was there maybe some plausible reason why the doll was moving? So Angie and I got in touch with a woman who’s a medium. That was about a month, or maybe six weeks after all this stuff started to happen. We learned that a little girl died on this property," Donna told the Warrens. "She was seven years old and her name was Annabelle Higgins.

The full details of the Investigation are available on the Warrens site. I cant link directly so just go to the Investigation button and then click on Legendary Cases.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Sure lets have a look at what delights youtube can throw at us!

Nothing too fancy:

I wonder why they dont let us see above the doll?

Genuine? Who knows? - Genuinely creepy? Hell yeah!


Haunted Dolls for sale on eBay? Sounds a little crazy doesn't it. I've seen haunted & possessed items on eBay for years ranging from jewellery to an evil teddy that went for about $700!

Still whether genuine or not some people really have a background story to go with the items that seem too good to be true. Betysboots shop over on eBay has a fairly big collection of dolls with a little something extra that range from $10 to $259. Here's a bit from the seller about the house these items come from:

For the last 5 years, we have been cleaning out the attic of Roseland House. When we started, there were 10 huge cardboard boxes full of dolls. There is one left. These dolls are from this box. We never found out who packed away all these dolls or why, but every one seems to be enchanted. Some, way more than others. Some claim to be spirits and others appear to be animated by bewitching spells. We found evidence in the attic of spells and rituals. The writtings and items were never harmful or mean spirited. We believe the old woman who lived in the home, for probably close to 60 years, owned the dolls and kept them as companions. She either found a way to enchant them or has actually found a way to place lost spirits in them...or both! Now, these dolls are moving on to be companions for people all over the world. Some arrive with there spirits intact and others either don't make it or become quiet.
No, you can't shine a bright light in their face and demand they talk. It seems the more comfortable they are in their new home, the more active they become.

Dolls can be freaky, just like clowns, so whats to stop people from flooding the likes of eBay with armies of possessed barbies?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More on Zener Cards

Ok so I found an online version of the Zener Card test. Its a handy, no frills test from people at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit in the Psychology Department at the University of Edinburgh.

Have a go at it but remember its how you score over a period of trying it. Once could just be luck.

If it tickles your fancy drop by 6thSensitive and pick up a set in the Shop.

Greet&Grub™ etc.

Since I got involved in the Irish Paranormal Community I've been doing my damnedest to make it more social. Everytime we have an Investigation coming up we arrange a meet in a pub for some relaxing and banter. We also try to get together just for new people to meet and chat - not forgetting when LadyBirdirl arranged the trip on Dublins GhostBus.

So with a trip to Leap Castle this weekend a band of seriously HARDCORE Paranormal enthusiasts are getting together at a secret location in Dublin - baskets of sausage and chips all round!

Having had a great night a couple of weeks back the Leap trip is just an excuse for 6th, odonnell, Stoner, Monkeyfudge, Grimes & dib to get together and talk about how great we all are.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Zener Cards

Ok so after having an interest in these things for a while I decided to produce them. I've been using them at the start of each Paranormal rip to get people in the mood and break the ice. Now I'm selling them on my site HERE.

The Cards: There are five different Zener cards: a hollow circle (one curve), a Greek cross (two lines), three vertical wavy lines (or "waves"), a hollow square (four lines), and a hollow five-pointed star. There are 25 cards in a pack, five of each design.

Use in experiments: In a test for clairvoyance, the person conducting the test (the experimenter) picks up a card in a shuffled pack, observes the symbol on the card, and records the answer of the person being tested for ESP (the subject), who must correctly determine which of the five designs is on the card in question. The experimenter continues until all the cards in the pack have been tested.

Although Zener cards are usually used to test for clairvoyance, they may also be used to test for telepathy, in which case one subject will draw a card and attempt to mentally project the image on it to the mind of another subject. Here, the statistical tendency of the receiver to report a specific design must be taken into account — for example, they might tend to report receiving an image of a square more than other images — so the deck used must contain an equal number of cards of each design.

Statistics: Since the five symbols are equally distributed throughout the deck, guesses by a non-psychic in a controlled test would result in about 1 / 5 of 25 = 5 correct guesses per deck and a success rate of 20%. The more times a person is tested on a pack of 25 cards, the more statistically meaningful his or her score becomes; it's not at all unusual for a person to have as many as 8 or as few as 2 correct guesses on a single trial (yielding scores of 32% and 8%, respectively), but if the subject is not psychic the scores for several runs are expected to average out to 20% over time.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

6thSensitive Website Updated!

I know I have alot to do on my site but its coming together everytime I get near it. It would be a full time job to do all the things I want to do but I think if I tried to make a living from it I'd end up losing the 'love'.

Anyway pop along and enjoy!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Whats the Weekend got?

Ok so I'm planning to update 6thSensitive this weekend which means fresh stuff for here too. I've had a couple of groups on from the states who I'm gonna ad to my links page and will write a little about them here.

All this might wait til Sunday night as I'll be up listening to Louise Kings & The Sandman on The Psychic Line Radio Show at EastCoast FM from 10pm til 1am.

I hope to back on again as a guest in the future, its always an interesting experience.

As for today its off to a Christening for my wife's friend's son.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Cows with Guns

Ok after last nights festivities I'm not feeling to bright but t his video made me giggle like an idiot.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

OneLouder Birthday!

Ok non Paranormal but the company I work for is 1 year old today and that means off to the pub as soon as possible!

I've been the the Design/Print/Advertising business for 7 years now and its had its highs and lows. Getting in at the start of a new company has been a real highlight & it doesnt hurt that its a good crowd in the office.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to One Louder Design & Advertising!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

6th's Colour Wheel Vibration/Frequency Theory

Ok time to share my thoughts! This is something my brain cooked up having been dealing with this sort of thing one way or another for the last 10 years. This is just the basics of it but you'll find a full article on the subject over on my site HERE

Few points:
I believe each person's energy or spirit has a range of frequency which it covers. Some would see this as a vibration. I believe through meditation, personal development and other factors people can increase the range of the field. I equally believe that at times the range of this frequency (or infact the frequency itself) can be affected in other ways i.e. when sick or stressed the range can decrease dramatically of when placed in a different enviroment (new home, office or visiting a particular area) the frequency can change altogether. We all know of people in our lives who seem to get on with everyone. These are people who to me would cover a large range on the spectrum - of course they never get on with 'everyone' and rub some people up the wrong way. In the same way we all have someone in our lives, someone we work with, who is impossible to get on with. These people seem narrow and in that they would cover a very small range on the spectrum.
Interesting ideas

So am I talking about Aura? I believe it is similar to arua but different in a number of ways. Aura to me is something less constant in that it changes on a much regular basis. Twins I also believe this idea sits interestingly with the connection between twins, who some beieve are capable of a 'special' connection. Initially their ranges could be identical but over time as they have different life experiences these ranges would change unless they consciously worked at it. Odd Couple Sometimes you get 2 people who are complete opposites but work very well together. If they can put aside personality differences they cover a much broader range between them. Some seem couples like this as unlikely 'allies' or 'odd couples'.

6th starts blogging!

Ok I am finally giving in and starting a blog. It actually looks like it will suit me and its a place to throw down my thoughs before I fine tune them and put them up on my website -

I'm pretty sure my plans to keep this as a Paranormal Blog, discussing everything from Poltergeist to Zener Cards, will fall by the wayside as I get into it and basically rant about everything!

So lets see how long I can go before I start whinging about the stresses of the Irish Design & Advertising Industry.