Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WARNING: Contains Strong Language

Ok so its normal to ask questions while doing an investigation but sometimes you need to push it a little ..... you know ... to get a reaction.

Please note though that I dont think this is always appropriate, I wouldn't do this in an area where nice little friendly ghosts are reported. That would be naughty.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok so we've sorted the speakers for the Convention!

Richard Jones:
Richard Jones is the author of many best selling books including Haunted Britain and Ireland, Myths and Legends of Britain and Ireland, Haunted Inns of Britain and Ireland and Haunted London. He has also written guides to Dublin, the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh, Chester, Bath and Stratford. He has conducted on the spot research at over 2,000 haunted places and is well versed in paranormal history.
Richards Website:

Catherine Murphy:
From an early age Catherine Murphy sensed something outside herself trying to communicate with her, something that she could not see, understand, or worse still, control. She didn't know what it was but knew it was an integral part of who she was. She's a straight talking mother of two who is quite realistic about her experiences. Catherine was a forus of an episode of RTE's Would You Believe and featured in the book Restless Spirit: The Story of Rose Quinn.
The book is available at:

Daev Walsh & Damien DeBarra:
Daev Walsh and Damien DeBarra are two of the reprobates behind Online since 1997, Walsh and Debarra (along with Barry Kavanagh and Sue Walsh) have a slightly different take on the world of the paranormal and supernatural, preferring not to subscribe to any one school of thought but rather to believe nothing, curse everything and apologise for NOTHING.
Purveryors of 'Gonzo Metaphysics' and 'High Weirdness' is based upon the lofty manifesto set out by it's original founder Flann O'Brien in being 'a publication of the Gutter' which would achieve 'entirely new levels in everything which is contemptible, despicable and unspeakable in contemporary journalism'. Blather has 'no principles, no honour, no shame'; its objects are 'the fostering of graft and corruption in public life, the furtherance of cant and hypocrisy, the encouragement of humbug and hysteria, the glorification of greed and gombeenism'". The book 'A Load of Blather' (good toilet reading) was published in June of 2008.
The book is available at:

Steve Parsons:
Parapsychologist and co-founder of ParaScience, Steve has worked on programmes such as Most Haunted and has been featured on the Discovery Channel both as an Investigator and for his work on Infrasound. Steven is a scientific and skeptical investigator who has no fears talking about his experiences behind the scenes of some of TVs most well know paranormal shows.

Bonnie Vance:
As owner of what is considered to be a second home to a large amount of ireland's paranormal enthusiasts, Bonnie has played a key role in the shape of the community - whether she knows it or not. Charleville Castle has been possibly the most open and welcoming of Ireland's great haunted locations. Having been feathered on programmes like Ghost Hunters International and Most Haunted its easy to forget that this is a family home - that is until you experience it first hand and are welcomed with open arms by Bonnie and the great team that keep the place what it is.