Friday, December 26, 2008

Look into my eyes ......

Ok so I decided to learn a bit about hypnotism .... then I decided to learn a little more ..... then I decided to become the hypnotist!

I'd like to say its difficult and all mysterious but its really not. 1 book was all I needed and I seem to naturally have most of the traits needed (I'm VERY confident).

Yesterday I was at my parents house with my wife, kids and some more of my family. The topic came up and they asked to see what I could do. Next thing you know my sister is under and she cant move her hand off her leg - the more she tries the harder she laughs! Then she goes under again and this time she cant remember her fiances name (he's watching the whole thing) - again the harder she tries the more she laughs (we have tears of laughter by this stage). I bring it to an end and leave her feeling happy, relaxed and full of energy.

I'm gonna practice a lot more and can see this skill helping me with so many of my projects.

Its a great book that I learnt this all from and I'll share it with you soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok so I'm getting back into running a Development Circle again, it feels like the right time. The interest has been great so far and it looks like there'll be a decent group when it starts up in January. It worked out well last time so being me I'm hoping for better again.

I've replaced the Investigation section of 6thSensitive with a Development section because its a bigger part of my journey at the moment and demands more focus.

To be honest it really doesnt take much to start up a circle once you decide its what you want to do. Obviously not everyone that reads this can pop in to Dublin so if anyone would like some pointers in getting started then feel free to drop me a mail through the main site.