Monday, April 30, 2007

Photograph Restoration

Photograph Restoration is something that I just dont get the time to do often enough. I love the challange of getting a badly damaged shot and seeing just what I can do to bring it back to its former glory. The satisfaction of doing a good job is nothing compared to the look on the face of the person you are doing it for when they see the finished piece for the first time.

This is one I did today for my wifes parents, I dont know how old it is and at the moment I cant even remember who it is. That doesn't stop me from being very pleased with myself for a job well done! *Edit: I've just been told that its my wife's Great Grand Parents andthe photo is about 65 years old.

As you can see what I was given wasn't in the best condition but I think its turned out pretty well.

Predictions: "Train Crash" & "3 Psychic & a missing person"

Back on the 04/01/07 I made a couple of predictions on a thread on the Paranormal Forum of

I predict a breakthrough in a case related to a long running missing persons case in Ireland, maybe a body or an anon letter to a paper.

I unfortunately predict a rail disaster in the Uk before the end of July.

On the 24/02/07 a Virgin Train crashed in Cumbrian countryside - BBC article HERE. Some say that train crashes in the UK aren't that rare but this incident was after a long accident free period.

My other predicition with regards to the Irish Missing Persons case has just had a turn up:

THREE top British psychics have said they know where missing Irish woman Jo Jo Dullard is buried following a trip to Ireland to investigate her disappearance for a UK documentary.

The psychics . . . Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell and TJ Higgs . . . are the stars of a new real-life detective series called Private Psychic Eye which is screened on Reality TV. The show centres on the psychics' attempts to uncover the truth behind unsolved cases.

In the episode in which they are investigating the disappearance of Jo Jo Dullard, the psychics are seen travelling to private land in Ireland. They say that this is where they believe the body of Dullard is buried and that they feel strongly that Dullard's murderer is still living on the land.

From an article in the Sunday Tribune HERE.

The above image is from the shows offical site, its a blurb for the episode in question.

Party Season

With the Glimmer Ball kicking off the party season at Charleville this week they are already getting ready to send out the posters for the next big event - MOUTH OF FIRE. Click on the Poster below for deatils:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Looking Back ....

Its nice to get a break from worrying about organising investigations and trying to bring it all together. That said I had a great time over the last couple of years and notched up 9 trips to some fantastic locations. Without sounding cheesey though the best bits of it all was getting together with people who are interested in similar things and just having a laugh.

With that I'd like to say hi to the following:

Andy, Gavin, Graham, Niall, Ed, Dave, Thomas, Katie, Brian, Steven, Kim, Karin, Louis K., Sandman, Louise D. Ann, Dave, Marika, Sharon, Maria, Sarah, Sarah Lou, Kat, Donal, Gary, Kevin, Eoin, Rachel, Nicki, Terry, Siobhan, Alan, Dave, Paul.

These are all people who I've been on trips but I know I've forgotten to mention a couple at least .... my bad. I just wish I had gotten group shots taken each time.

Thanks to everyone for making all the trips great.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Ok so with the summer months alot of Paranormal enthusiasts get a bit down, I mean its hard to be cheery when there's very little dark for things to go bump in?

Charleville Castle (home to a handful for Ghosties) doesn't let it stop them, its all fun, fun , FUN over there:

Celebrate the start of summer with an exciting fun filled night at the stunning Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

The party takes place on Saturday May 5th from 7.00pm, but hurry and book as tickets are limited to 300.

Start your evening with a Champagne & Sangria reception in the plush castle grounds, set to the soulful sounds of summer. Later when the evening chill sets in, the three main rooms inside the castle will come alive with a piano bar, dj's and the legendary "Springbreak".

Go check out the site and get yourself partying under the gaze of some of Irelands most much loved Spirits!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I love it when a plan comes together!

The former stars of 1980s action series The A-Team will reunite for a reality TV programme, in which they will attempt to contact their deceased co-star George Peppard.

Actors Dirk Benedict, Mr T and Dwight Schultz will appear on a special edition of British paranormal show Most Haunted later this year (07), when they will try to communicate with their old friend, who passed away from pneumonia in 1994.

Presenter Yvette Fielding says, "We're all going to Los Angeles for a week to film it. It took a lot of doing to get those three together - now we have to do the really hard part."

Peppard portrayed Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith in the popular 1980s American TV show.

Spirit Photography

With taking a break from trips to the likes of Charleville Castle one of the things I am going to missis getting the opportunity to snap of pictures in the hope of capturing something I cant explain.

As part of my degree in Fine Art I studied photography and had a real interest in it. This mixed with the fact I've spent the last 7 years working in design and working with digital images means that I know when to get excited about a possible paranormal image and when not to.

Above is a shot which was taken on Harriots StairCase in Charleville Castle. The the immediate left of the bannister there appears to be a shadowy figure. Judging by the size against the backgroup I would put the figure at about 4’10”. This stairs in the scene of a fatal accident after Harriot Bury (aged 8) fell to her death while sliding on the bannisters.

I've been lucky (and thats what it is - luck) to have gotten a few images in the last couple of years but this one is my favourite.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Videos at

I found on the PARANORMALIZERS blog where I was reviewed. Its like YouTube but just for paranormal related videos. Its a great idea so I signed up and threw a few of my vids up. Its handy because it means they'll be seen by people with an interest in the area.

Here's one of the Hellfire Club:

Collaboration with Paranormal Researchers Needed

According to noted Skeptic Dr. Richard Wiseman, collaboration with Paranormal Researchers is badly needed.

In-depth interview with noted psychology researcher, and skeptic Dr. Richard Wiseman explores his research into psi phenomena and the path forward for research.

During the 40-minute interview Wiseman explains what’s lacking in paranormal research and skeptical inquiry:

“The public is actually badly served by the science community in that sense. There’s a deep wanting to know what’s going on from some members of the public… so I think a coming together, where people design experiments, conduct experiments and interrupt them in a collaborative way may be a more constructive way forward.”

He also explains why he’s not convinced all parapsychology research is warranted:

“Should we continue looking for these rather strange, bizarre phenomena? My answer to that is quite complicated. It depends on what else we might be doing with our time, and whose paying for it, and so on.”

The interview is available for immediate free download HERE

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Covenant: Not a bad movie

I don't get to watch DVDs like this often as the wouldn't be the film of choice for either my wife or 2year old daughter. So when do get the rare opportunity I try to get something thats going to entertain - The Covenant does deliver entertainment and its very well shot.

Seeing that I hate the teenie horror movies that get thrown at us I was a little worried by the fact its set around a bunch of good looking school kids. It wasn't a problem though because I don't think I'd seen a single one of them in a film before.

The movie didn't so much remind me of Lost Boys but did get me thinking that the 80's classic
could be remade and done well.

Anyway, thumbs upto The Covenant - the effects where great and it didnt focus too much on teh teenie love side of things.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Chillingham Castle

Ghostly reputation leads to expansion plans

CHILLINGHAM Castle is increasing its guest accommodation to cater for the growing number of ghost seekers visiting the medieval fortress.
The 14th century castle's reputation as one of Britain's most haunted houses has grown in recent years as a result of cult television shows such as Living TV's Most Haunted.
As a result, owner Sir Humphry Wakefield has decided a conversion of the 1799 coach house is required to meet demand.
He said: "We kept the ghosts under wraps for a long time but I think they were squeaking to get out so we released them and decided to welcome visitors and that has proved very popular."
However, guests are being warned to watch out for a screaming banshee that allegedly haunts the building.
"According to legend someone was murdered in this building in centuries past and it has been said to take the form of a screaming banshee," said Sir Humphry.
"Having said that, many of the ghosts at Chillingham are gentle, loving, welcoming and happily spellbinding."
The most famous of Chillingham's ghosts is the 'blue boy', who as midnight rang out would cry and moan in agony (or maybe fear). The noises could be traced to a spot near a passage cut through a ten foot wall.
When the bloodcurdling wails die away a soft halo of light appears around an old four poster bed. Anyone sleeping there, even today, can see the figure of a young boy dressed in blue, and surrounded by light. Behind the wall the bones of a young boy and fragments of blue clothing were discovered.
Another ghost, Lady Mary Berkeley, searches for her husband, who ran off with her sister. Lady Mary, desolate and broken hearted lived in the castle by herself with only her baby girl as a companion. The rustle of her dress can be heard as she passes you by in the turret stairs.
The plan to create eight apartments was approved by Berwick Borough Council's planning committee on Tuesday. The extra accommodation will also be used for weddings, corporate hospitality, celebrations, banquets and private functions.
Although the building will be transformed inside, Sir Humphry said the fabric of the building and its exterior will remain exactly as it is.
Plans to convert a theatre into a museum were also approved. It may feature the family history of the Wakefield and Grey families as well as artefacts and information about the unique herd of wild cattle on the estate.

From an article HERE


Ok so its Friday the 13th, so should I be worried? Personally I've never had a problem with it, I find counteracting anything which might happen with positive thinking has always kept me out of harms way. I was 13 on Friday the 13th (a while back now) and this year I will turn 30 on the 'unlucky day'.

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13 and here's what wikipedia has tosay about it:

Thirteen may be considered a "bad" number simply because it is one more than 12, which is a popularly used number in many cultures (possibly due to it being a highly composite number). When a group of 13 objects is divided into two, three, four or six equal groups, there is always one leftover object.

Some Christian traditions have it that at the Last Supper Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table, and that for this reason 13 is considered to carry a curse of sorts.

Fear of 13 has also been linked to that fact that a lunisolar calendar must have 13 months in some years, while the solar Gregorian calendar and lunar Islamic calendar always have 12 months in a year.

Triskaidekaphobia may have also affected the Vikings — it is believed that Loki in the Norse pantheon was the 13th god. More specifically, Loki was believed to have engineered the murder of Baldr, and was the 13th guest to arrive at the funeral. This is perhaps related to the superstition that if thirteen people gather, one of them will die in the following year. This was later Christianized in some traditions into saying that Satan was the 13th angel.

The Mesopotamian Code of Hammurabi (ca. 1760 BC) omits 13 in its numbered list. This seems to indicate a superstition existed long before the Christian era.

Some buildings such as One Canada Square in Canary Wharf (the tallest building in the UK) number their floors so as to skip the thirteenth floor entirely, jumping from the 12th floor to the 14th floor in order to avoid distressing triskaidekaphobics, or the building will have 12th floor and floor 12a or 12b instead. Many hotel/casino megaresorts in Las Vegas also lack a 13th floor. This is often applied to home or hotel room numbers as well, and the same is also true of rows in airplanes, as well as cabins aboard cruise ships

I'd love to hear what happens to people on days like today that they genuinely believe is down to the day thats in it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Interview with a Poltergeist: The Enfield Case

Ok this is one of the cases that has grab my attention since I first heard of it more than 10 years ago. Above is a 45minute programme which was aired recently. Its the first time I've seen Janet interviewed though she was interviewed in Will Storr's book "Will Storr vs The Supernatural".

Monday, April 9, 2007

LEAP: Video Footage

Still sifting through the video footage from Leap Castle and its really beginning to get to me! Oh for better quality video and stronger infrared lighting!

It's back ... Ghost Castle!

I'd been tempted to buy this so many times over the last few years but for some reason I never did. Now, after a quick glimpse of a TV ad, I see that Ghost Castle has been re-release! Ok so they've redone the packaging but the game itself doesn't apppear to have been changed much. It even still has the cool glow-in-the-dark skull (with red eyes) that anyone over the age of 25 must remember. Sadly I never owned this game but I loved playing it down in my cousins house .... all thats gonna change because I am definately snatching up one of these. Oh and a big F*CK OFF to all the profiteerers on eBay who where selling the original for massive profits! There is a very goood reason GhostCastle was voted in the TOP 50 kids toys of all time!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wind Spirit Paranormal Society

One of the things I love about the Paranormal Community Worldwide is that over the last few years many of the groups are really focusing on whats important .... community.

I'm always more than happy to get emails from groups & individuals around the world telling me about what they do and looking to exchange ideas. One such group that got in touch very recently is the Wind Spirit Paranormal Society based out of Traverse City, Michigan.

I was more than happy to pop a link up to there site as its good to have lines of communications open between us all.

Its coming up to their 1st Anniversery as a group and 6thSensitive would like to wish all at WSPS the greatest of fortune for the coming year.

School for Psychics: Arthur Findlay College

I've heard of this place over the years but never really thought much about it til the name popped up again recently. Now looking at Arthur Findlay College I can't help but think that in an ideal world I'd be doing a couple of courses there a year. The place is fantastic and despite being very posh looking it is neither expensive or elitist. I expected it to be in the middle of nowhere too but its a taxi ride from Stansted Airport.

They cover everything from Healing to Trace Mediumship but unfortunately only do one Paranormal/Haunting course a year.

Now all we need is a place like this in Ireland!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 Updated

Ok well I have just updated following on from the trip to Leap Castle at the weekend. There's video clips, photographs, news & more so stop by for a look.

I'm hoping I can be more regular with my updates and am working on a few new articles too.


Dropped into the Psychic Café today on the way to work for a nosey around and a bit of grub.

As well as having a very nice plate of breakfast delights I got to have a sit down and a chat with Catherine & Karyn about what it is that they do. Seems that apart from serving up food for the belly they cater for the soul too. With angel card & tarot card readings done by appointment and a few evenings a week of gatherings this is just the thing Dublin is lacking.

I've always felt that Ireland was way behind the times when it comes to spirituality & the paranormal in general. What we do have is all passed by word of mouth and can be a bit inaccessable for people startig out and looking to get involved.

The Psychic Café really puts it out there and Catherine & Karyn have no problem talking about what it is they do. They've been do the rounds for quite a while now, being regulars at holistic fairs etc. So now all I have to do it pop along for a reading and go along to one of there meets.

One of the real bonuses about this place (apart from being able to have a feed) is that the place is open from 7am, 7 days a weeks - that should cut down the crazy 1 month waiting that you get with some readers.

Best of luck to everyone at the Psychic Café!!


Each of us took 10 minutes in a very small isolated room in Leap Castle. There was no contact between members and each person had to write down what they experienced or felt once they finished.



Monday, April 2, 2007


Just a short video note I took for myself while in Leap. Threw it on YouTube just to see how it would look. Quailty might be dirt as it was from my camera phone.

LEAP CASTLE: More Dolls!

I was a bit freaked out by the of Dolls in Leap but I suppose that was a mix of my recent research and the amount of them, presumeably owned by the Seans daughter.
I took a fancy to the one in the picture because she was on a table right in the area where I felt a stronge presence of a lady who, after talking to Sean the next morning, we learned he refered to as the Governess. She wasn't happy with us being there but the worst thing was the area she hung around was the toilets and a small hallway behide it! More on that later though. I might see if I can take this particular doll off Sean's hands.


I had been looking for this painting lately to bring into my office. It was done by one off the guys (Podge) studying Fine Art with me about 8 or 9 years ago now. Seems vain to have a big painting of myself but he did it for a project and was nice enough to give it to me. I love the Russian Industrial feel to it.


Well I am still exhausted from this trip but thats the price you pay for staying up all night running around one of Irelands most haunted castles.

I'll be posting more info later but for now I'll just thank a few people for a great night.

First off I have to thank Sarah & Sarah of Psychic Senses Investigations for organising the night - 2 thumbs up! Sean Ryan also for not only letting us use the castle but for making us feel so welcome - genuinely nice guy.

Then its onto the band of merry miscrient who (despite not appreciating good fun tunes) make for a great night!

Niall - President of the Bruce Springstein Fan Club

Ed - The guy who could teach your pet poodle to make stroodle and all for a price of a pot noodle.

Gav - Who's GPS almost convinced me that Birr was an Island off the coast of Mexico.

Graham - Who I know wonly hugged me to make his girlfriend jealous

Kim - Who carried out what must have been the most polite seance in history

Kat - Who's presence on this trip made it very clear that Graham has been spoofing us about Archiology all along.

More to follow!