Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Collaboration with Paranormal Researchers Needed

According to noted Skeptic Dr. Richard Wiseman, collaboration with Paranormal Researchers is badly needed.

In-depth interview with noted psychology researcher, and skeptic Dr. Richard Wiseman explores his research into psi phenomena and the path forward for research.

During the 40-minute interview Wiseman explains what’s lacking in paranormal research and skeptical inquiry:

“The public is actually badly served by the science community in that sense. There’s a deep wanting to know what’s going on from some members of the public… so I think a coming together, where people design experiments, conduct experiments and interrupt them in a collaborative way may be a more constructive way forward.”

He also explains why he’s not convinced all parapsychology research is warranted:

“Should we continue looking for these rather strange, bizarre phenomena? My answer to that is quite complicated. It depends on what else we might be doing with our time, and whose paying for it, and so on.”

The interview is available for immediate free download HERE

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