Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paranormal Tv Shows

Boards.Tv (part of the empire) has made a new section to discuss Paranormal Tv Shows .... huzzah! Its early days but here's hoping it achieves even a fraction of the success of its father site.

There are a huge amount of shows going on at the moment, some already establish and some new ones on the way.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Childrens Book

First off thanks to my fellow PIG (Paranormal Investigation Guys) Niall Stone(r) for getting me this book, good man!

As a father of a beautiful 3 year old year girl and a rough and tumble 6 month old son its great to see a book like this being done. So here is a bit about the book:

I Think We've Got Ghosts by Brian Byers

Description: Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or just a close friend, this book is designed to help spark communication between you and your child. If you seem to be experiencing something paranormal in nature, this book will give a “face” to that which has none. Most importantly, this book is designed to allow your child to express his or her feelings through humor and illustrations. “I Think We’ve Got Ghosts,” is designed to empower your child to take control of a situation that may seem frightening in nature, and to realize it doesn’t have to be.

Its a great book and as someone who reads to his kids a lot, has a huge interest in the Paranormal and illustration (I studied Fine Art in College and work as a designer) this book is perfect. Ok so I wouldnt just read it to my kids for the sake of it but once they start to ask questions its the type of thing you can take out and ease their fears in a way thats on their level. Its also the type of book I'd hand a copy of to people who I deal with (with regards to the Paranormal) who have children.

I'm gonna have to buy a dozen copies or so!

Visit Brian's site HERE


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Psychic Medium Adam

Spiritual Enlightenment

Spend the day in the company of Psychic Medium Adam and have questions answered about the angels, spirit guides and life’s blueprint.
  • Ardmore Hotel, Finglas, Dublin Ireland - January 27th, 2008. 3pm - 6pm. (Doors open 2:30pm)
  • Holiday Inn, Oshawa, Ontario Canada - March 2008
Psychic Medium Adam & Psychic Bernie @ The Helix, Dublin Ireland - April 13th 2008

For more information on upcoming events and how to purchase tickets, please call Sandra at 085 7630 343 or email


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Group seeks pardon for witchcraft


EDINBURGH , Scotland, Jan. 7 (UPI) -- A Scottish group specializing in the paranormal is calling for the country's Parliament to pardon the last person in Britain to be convicted of witchcraft.

Full Moon Investigations announced it plans to submit a petition to ministers that calls for them to lobby the Home Office to fully pardon Helen Duncan, who was convicted and jailed for witchcraft in 1944, the Edinburgh Evening News reported Monday.

Duncan was arrested after conducting seances in locations across Britain, but was allegedly arrested after concerns were raised that she would reveal details of the upcoming D-Day landings.

The organization said it is also working to obtain posthumous pardons for nearly 4,000 people prosecuted, tortured and executed in Scotland under the witchcraft act.

"The pardon of the 4,000 prosecuted as witches is very relevant in today's society," said Full Moon founder Andrea Byrne. "Occupations such as herbalists, acupuncture, midwifery, reiki (spiritual energy therapy) and health foods can all be seen as having roots in the traditions and people who would have been classed as witches in their day.

So show your support and visit the guys at

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Orbs: A theory

For me orbs themselves are nothing to get excited about, I believe they are, as some say, the first stage of a spirit manisfestation - however if you look at their behaviour, then you might be getting somewhere.

If you consider how dust behaves when it close to a TV screen or anything with a static charge and the look at orbs it can kick up a few ideas.

Recently watching an investigation a girl was on video being "followed" by an orb ... this may simply have been dust (or similar) attracted to a charge on her cheap polyester top

So if a spirit walked through an empty room (for example) whatever the make up of the spirit is (electro-magnetic etc?) could this affect the behaviour of particles in the air?

I've taken a picture in a place I felt was very active, one second not much going on .... 4 seconds later, hundreds - taken from the same spot.

So my opinion is that orbs are nothing more than dust etc but their behaviour could be a good heads up to activity.