Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekly World News: 1979 - 2007

Its a sad day when the legendary Weekly World News decides to close the doors on its printed edition. It gave us the stories other papers feared to publish and I can't help but think there is a sinister reason for the decision to stop.

Farewell BatBoy!

Back to work!

Ok so after the birth of my son 3 weeks ago I am heading back to work tomorrow! That means a return to blogging too.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Paranormal Convention

Argh!! Living in Ireland can really suck when it comes to the likes of this stuff. Why are we so behind when it comes to public gatherings of the Paranormal Community? I plan on doing something about this starting 2008 but for now I'll just have to settle for the frustration of knowing that in the states they do it bigger and better. Ok this rant isn't out of the blue as I got an email today from Heather Woodward of www.webelieveyou.org


I'd like to invite you to the 2007 South Coast Paranormal Convention July 20 & 21st at the Glen Tavern Inn, in Santa Paula California. Chris Fleming will be speaking about his experiences on the show Dead Famous and Patrick Burns will be speaking about Haunting Evidence. Linda Salvin, radio psychic, will be hosting a workshop and doing readings. There are many other speakers on topics such as shadow people, paranormal sound phenomenon, and psychic machines. There will be workshops on tarot and demonology. Plus, we will be having movie screenings, a seance, frank's box sessions, a walking ghost tour of the The Glen Tavern Inn and many other exciting events! Check out the website at www.woodwardpsychic.com If you can't make it to California, consider watching the convention from the internet. You can watch all the speakers and all of the workshops and events from your computer. It's fully interactive and there's a chat room where you can ask questions or comment on the events as they happen. It's only $40 for both days of activities!! For more info go to www.woodwardpsychic.com Or you may reach me at xxtherealdealxx@sbcglobal.net


Heather Woodward The Real Deal www.webelieveyou.org

Obviously its out of the question for me to go but we'll just have to work on bringing Ireland up to speed.


Sunday, July 8, 2007


How long has I been waiting for a really good ghost movie? An American Haunting was great for poltergeist but in my opinion a good old ghost story is a completely different kettle of fish!

The plot: Based on the short Stephen King horror story of the same name, 1408 surrounds supernatural writer Mike Enslin, an author of two hit books focusing on supernatural phenomena. As research for his latest book, Enslin is determined to check out the notorious room 1408 in a New York City hotel by personally staying as a guest in the fabled room. With the intention that 1408 is just a myth perpetuated by stories and rumor that Enslin has collected for his past works. However, hotel manager Mr. Olin has strong objections to Enslin's stay and only warns him of possible danger to come. But Enslin is determined to go through and convinced that the horrific past of 1408 is just mere coincidence and a myth. But what Mike Enslin is about to experience is no myth, as 1408 truly is a room where the guests don't check out by noon.

I really can't wait to see this but with baby on the way a trip to the cinema might be a luxury I have to go without. Looks like its going on the list!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Absence Explained!

Ok so with the attached image the reason for my lack of blogging lately might be a bit clearer.

6th jnr was due yesterday and preparations have been taking up alot of my time. Should be here any day now so until all settles my posts will be irratic! This is baby number 2 so I'm hoping it all comes back to me.