Thursday, December 27, 2007

How To: Séance

Here's How To Conduct A Seance:
A séance is a meeting at which a spiritualist attempts to receive communications from the spirits of the dead. Here's how:

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 30 minutes plus

Here's How:

1. Assemble the participants. Gather the people who will participate. Some say the number of participants must be divisible by three. But this does not seem to be an absolute rule. No fewer than three people should attempt a séance.

2. Choose a medium. You might want to choose a medium among the participants. This could be a person who has had experience with séances or someone who tends to have psychic abilities.

3. Use a round or oval table. This helps create the symbolic circle believed necessary for the ritual.

4. Set the table. In the center of the table, place some kind of simple, natural aromatic food, such as bread or soup. This is believed to help attract the spirits who still seek physical nourishment.

5. Light candles. Also in the center of the table, place no fewer than three candles (or a number divisible by three) lit candles; the more candles, the better. Spirits still seek warmth and light.

6. Create some atmosphere. Dim the lights and eliminate any distractions, such as music and television.

7. Join hands. Seated around the table, the participants must all join hands in a circle.

8. Summon the spirit. The participants must speak these words together: "Our beloved [name of spirit], we bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with us, (name of spirit), and move among us."

9. Wait for a response. If none comes, repeat the chant until the spirit responds.

10. Communicate. If and when the spirit responds -- either by rapping or some other means, or through the medium - ask your questions.

11. Begin simply. Ask yes and no questions at first -- one rap for no, two raps for yes, for example.

12. Communicate directly. If a spirit chooses to speak through the medium, you may ask any kind of question.

13. Maintain control. If the séance seems to be getting out of hand, end the séance by breaking the circle of hands, extinguishing the candles and turning on the lights.

14. End the séance. When you're done with your questioning, thank the spirit for joining you and tell them to go in peace. Break the circle of hands and extinguish the candles.


  1. Don't allow participants who you don't think could handle a séance psychologically. Children, for example, must never participate.

What You Need:

  • table
  • food
  • candles

Monday, December 3, 2007

Yeti in the News

A group of explorers believe they have found fresh evidence of the existence of the Yeti.

An expedition team who went in search of the mythical creature in the Nepalese Himalayas for a US television documentary claim they have found giant footprints of the so-called abominable snowman.

The team of nine armed with infrared cameras, spent a week in the icy Khumbu region near to Mount Everest.

They say they found three fresh footprints on lumps of sandy soil - one of which was about a foot long - which are currently being analysed by experts in the States.

It has never been scientifically proven that the Yeti actually exists, but there have been many reported sightings of wild and hairy creatures lurking in the Himalayas.

And many sherpa porters have had plenty of tales to tell about them to foreign mountain climbers on Mount Everest ever since the 1920s.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm sitting on a few big projects at the moment and I think I might burst. The thing about having a great idea is that you cant tell people about it cos someone most likely will swipe it!

Anyway these projects are racking up my number of websites but thankfully Patrick (my brother-in-law) looks after all my hosting & programming needs! Check out his blog.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Art above all else!

Going through some old files on my mac I came across these photos from 10 years ago when I was studying Sculpture ..... wish I had the time and space to work on big pieces like this again.

Above: I got my hands on a half tonne chunk of 250 year old Oak and got to work with a chainsaw.

The final product was was 5'6" (same height as myself) and finished with copper.

The above piece was actually just a mock up made in plaster on a metal frame but made to look like bronze. Again this was pretty big and actually fairly comfortable to sit into!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Oh finally a reason to send me back to the world of console gaming!

Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, and Sony Pictures Consumer Products have jointly announced that they are developing "Ghostbusters The Video Game", based on the films.

And - it might actually be quite decent - like the films before it, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis will return to script the storyline for the game that will lead the player through the trials and tribulations of the world’s leading paranormal ghost busting team.

Fans will be delighted to hear that the game will feature the original film cast from the classic Ghostbusters films, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson, back again for the first time in more than 20 years.

Equipped with a variety of unique weapons and gadgets, players will hunt, fight and capture a wide range of supernatural villains in a funny and frightening battle to save New York City from its latest paranormal plague.

Ghostbusters The Video Game is expected to launch autumn 2008.

Friday, November 2, 2007


So I got knocked off my moped and broken my wrist ... took me 2 days to realize though?

Anyway its a nice blue cast and an excuse to rest a bit for the next 4 weeks ... nice run up to Christmas. Sympathy comments are very welcome ; )


Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok so there is a thread about this over on - click the image above to go to it. I might even see a few of you there! Come over and say hi if you catch a glimpse of me ... there's enough pics of me on here to make me an easy target.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank Your Lucky Stars!

Ok so being that I work in Advertising I have to go through a lot of newspapers regularly. I dont pay much attention to my horoscope (Cancer - 13th July) usually but today I decided to post up a selection of mine from different Irish newspapers.

Irish Daily Mirror:

You tend to take things personally and this has a knock-on effect on your relationships. Today's link between the Moon and Chiron allows you to find a sense of perceptive that is very welcome. The two of you have a differnt way of approaching things and this can interfere with your relationship. To get to the heart of what October is about call XXXXXXXXX.

The Star

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished by how much he'd learned in seven years.” So said Mark Twain and you can relate to his wisdom.

The Daily Mail

HUNGER is the best condiment. When we want something badly, we forgive it a thousand faults. Our critical faculties get in the way of a much deeper need. Obviously, we ahve to decide if something is dangerous, poisonous or compromising. But if all of those fundamental checks have been made, the rest is academic. You have an opportunity to reclaim something you very much want. Is the situation ideal? Are there likely to be a few 'consequences'? Who cares?

Herald AM

Make good links those you haven't seen for a while. Be patient when trying to get tasks finished. Stay on top of your commitments. But shake things up a bit! Joy & happiness should be written all over your face soon.


You have such strong negotiation skills - how come you never use them on yourself? Getting your work-life balance right requires both sides of you to compromise. Work on that.

The Sun

The clash between Mars and the Moon will change the way you look at life - so the bigger the challenge, the better you will do. The truth alone is not enough and you need to add tact when you are asked to give and honest opinion. Single? The initial K is a hot love clue.

Nothing much I can take from any of them but then again I think they are aimed at people who feel they need direction - I'm drivin' this car!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ghost Conference: Cork

Well I can finally make it to one of these after 6 years!

Irish Ghost Family Festival 2007
October 26th - November 2nd 2007

The 7th World Ghost Convention: 2007

Friday, October 26th @ 8 p.m.
Cork City Gaol Heritage Centre,
Sunday's Well, Cork City.

To Be Officially Opened By The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Cork,
Cllr. Donal Counihan & Lady Mayoress, Breda Counihan

Reported sightings of ghosts and spirits are only the tip of the iceberg as many people are afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed to come forward for fear of not being taken seriously.
For this reason, the World Ghost Convention was established to help those who have had supernatural experiences by raising public awareness, highlighting the fact that they are not alone in having such experiences. In addition, this unique international Ghost Convention provides an ideal opportunity for people to express their views on the paranormal by
giving them a platform to share their own experiences with like-minded Ghost and Spirit enthusiasts.

Established in the year 2000, the goal of this unique annual World Ghost Convention is:

To give people who have experienced supernatural occurrences the opportunity to share their own personal supernatural experiences if they so wish as well as hear firsthand the accounts of others that echo similar experiences.

To give people who are curious about the supernatural in general an opportunity to hear a variety of supernatural topics explored by speakers from different backgrounds and professions.

To get a clearer picture of the supernatural by touching upon a variety of
different aspects of the supernatural from different viewpoints.

The panel of guest speakers for the evening are:

Kathleen Mueting, Spiritual Advisor, Healer, Clairvoyant, Motivational Speaker, Author & Teacher
Have there been 'accidental' meetings in your life? Have you met someone out of the blue who gave you information you needed at the time? In a lecture entitled "Demystifying The Spirit World - Practical Applications In Our Everyday Lives", Kathleen Mueting will explore Spirit Guides and Angels who are there for us and provide examples of how these 'Invisible Helpers' work miracles in our lives.

John Collins, Psychic / Spiritualist
Drawing from his own personal history, John will speak about his everyday experiences with ghosts and outline his method of communicating with them. He will also go through the different reasons why spirits wish to communicate with us.

Dr. Margaret Humphreys
Folklore & Ethnology Department, University College Cork
In the lecture titled "Seeing is Believing?", Dr. Humphreys will outline and discuss the question of belief and disbelief in ghost stories regarding supernatural sightings from both a positive and critical perspective.

Christina Linehan, Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist/Reiki Master
American born Christina moved to Ireland from the East Coast in 2002 and along with Analysis and Suggestion Therapy, specialises in past life regression and regression for alien encounters. Christina will discuss expanding our definition and awareness of reality and describe how her own life was enriched by the amazing metaphysical insights her children shared with her. She will also share photos of orbs, spirits and a portal.

Helen Barrett, the White Witch of the Isles
Internationally renowned for her psychic abilities, Helen will discuss the reasons why ghosts, intentionally or unintentionally violate the laws of physicalisation and the consequences of such violation.

There'll be plenty more going on all weekend for all ages and it promises to be well worth going along to.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Ok so like I said the time came and a group was formed. Its worked out pretty well in that we all know the score and there are know crazy politics ..... and no family!

Anyway the name came came from having being refered to as "the paranormal guys" by Louise Kings on EastCoast FM's Psychic Line. So here we are, the Paranormal Investigation Guys (P.I.G):

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Movin' On Up!

Okay so for over a yeah I was approached by a couple of different people about being involved in some TV work. I learned pretty quickly that when you get excited to quick you get disappointed even quicker! The intentions were always good put things just then to fall down at the first hurdle.

Anyway a while back I was asked again if I might be interested by a couple of people who I had done other work with and I was enthusiastic as ever but prepared for nothing to come of it.

I had always said that being part of a set Investigation Group wasn't really my thing. It wasn't that I like to work alone but that being part of a much larger community (like the Paranormal Forum on meant I could work with different people all the time.

For the sake of the project in hand though I really had to sit down and think about who I could work with as part of a unit. Took about 2 seconds for me to realise that Stoner, monkeyfudge & Grimes were the ones who ticked all the boxes.

Anyway having worked with a great group of people, the pilot for the show has been sent out to several stations and the initial feedback is great - one UK station has already said that they would really love us to film a series next year.

Unfortunately its all still hush hush so I've to button my lip on the details.

Friday, August 24, 2007

That Out of Body feeling?

Two studies have claimed to induce "out-of-body" experiences in healthy volunteers and say there is a neurological basis for such happenings. The details of the studies appear in the August 24 issue of the journal Science.

An "out-of-body" experience is something of a mystery and has been reported by survivors of traumatic incidences who described their experiences when death neared. Basically this experience related to a feeling of detachment and surveying one's own body from a distance. This is possible because all the sensory apparatus become "disconnected during stress."

In one study researchers at the University College London's Institute of Neurology experimented on healthy volunteers by using high-tech 3-D goggles. Participants were able to see 3-D images of their own body as being some six feet away as it was filmed from behind.

Simultaneously a researcher took two plastic rods and stimulated the participant's chest as well as the same spot on the 3-D image. Participants said they were sitting behind and looking at their own body. "This was a bizarre, fascinating experience for the participants -- it felt absolutely real for them and was not scary," said a statement issued by the author the study, Dr. Henrik Ehrsson.

In the second experiment, researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne, in Switzerland, were given the task of watching 3-D holographic projections. One projection was of their own body, the second was of a dummy, while the third was of a square block.

In each case researchers stroked the back of the projection with a brush. Sometimes the participant's back was also stroked simultaneously. After this the volunteers were blindfolded and asked to point to the exact spot where the brush was stroked.

Researchers said that those who watched the square block or dummy managed to accomplish this task accurately, but those who watched themselves were unable to do so.

Reacting to the studies, Dr. Kevin Nelson, a leading researcher on near-death phenomena said they showed "that the integration of various sensory modalities is important for retaining our sense of where our body is, of where our self is in that body."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Top Cleric rounds at Astrology

From todays METRO newspaper:

The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland has attacked astrology, horoscopes, clairvoyants and other new-age practices as among the most "disturbing" signs of our society.
Archbishop Seán Brady said reliance on them results from a fear of the future and insecurities that lurk behind the seeming confidence of modern culture and life.
Celebrating the Mass Of The Queenship Of Mary, closing the annual novena at Knock, Co. Mayo, he said: 'People who sepend money on these pursuits would have more influence on the future if they gave their money to those in need". He added that the "Land of Saints & Scholars" was now the "Land of Stocks & Shares".

In fairness I have to agree with him. I mean he's not saying that these things (clairvoyants etc) aren't genuine he's just saying that people have become dependent on them and that there are things that people can do themselves to make the world a better place. Obviously someone like myself has no problem with people going to readers but it can be addictive and used as a crutch by many people who can't seem to make any life choices without first seeking guidance from a deck of cards or a premium rate phone service.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the Woods

Ok so I've been getting distracted with with photography lately and even when I go for a walk with my daughter to one of the spookiest woods in Ireland the focus is taking snaps rather than looking for "spookies" as my daughter calls them.

I promise though, I will find my focus!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ok having gotten the 400D from my wonderful wife I'm trying to get back into photography. I did a degree in Fine Art a decade ago which included 2 years of photography. I loved it at the time but after a long break its a case of learning all over again. Note I went from a Pentax K1000 to my new Canon EOS 400D .... big jump!

Anyway these shots where taken a short drive from my house up at Kilakee. Its a great spot for photography as well as having the Hellfire Club, Kilakee House & Lord Massey's Estate.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

30 Year Old Father of 2

Wow that how I would be discribed now if I was in the newspaper! Actually its really cool being a father of 2 even though hardly any of the people I buzz around with have kids. Whats not to love though:

Now all my wife and me need to do is raise them for the next 18 years!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekly World News: 1979 - 2007

Its a sad day when the legendary Weekly World News decides to close the doors on its printed edition. It gave us the stories other papers feared to publish and I can't help but think there is a sinister reason for the decision to stop.

Farewell BatBoy!

Back to work!

Ok so after the birth of my son 3 weeks ago I am heading back to work tomorrow! That means a return to blogging too.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Paranormal Convention

Argh!! Living in Ireland can really suck when it comes to the likes of this stuff. Why are we so behind when it comes to public gatherings of the Paranormal Community? I plan on doing something about this starting 2008 but for now I'll just have to settle for the frustration of knowing that in the states they do it bigger and better. Ok this rant isn't out of the blue as I got an email today from Heather Woodward of


I'd like to invite you to the 2007 South Coast Paranormal Convention July 20 & 21st at the Glen Tavern Inn, in Santa Paula California. Chris Fleming will be speaking about his experiences on the show Dead Famous and Patrick Burns will be speaking about Haunting Evidence. Linda Salvin, radio psychic, will be hosting a workshop and doing readings. There are many other speakers on topics such as shadow people, paranormal sound phenomenon, and psychic machines. There will be workshops on tarot and demonology. Plus, we will be having movie screenings, a seance, frank's box sessions, a walking ghost tour of the The Glen Tavern Inn and many other exciting events! Check out the website at If you can't make it to California, consider watching the convention from the internet. You can watch all the speakers and all of the workshops and events from your computer. It's fully interactive and there's a chat room where you can ask questions or comment on the events as they happen. It's only $40 for both days of activities!! For more info go to Or you may reach me at


Heather Woodward The Real Deal

Obviously its out of the question for me to go but we'll just have to work on bringing Ireland up to speed.


Sunday, July 8, 2007


How long has I been waiting for a really good ghost movie? An American Haunting was great for poltergeist but in my opinion a good old ghost story is a completely different kettle of fish!

The plot: Based on the short Stephen King horror story of the same name, 1408 surrounds supernatural writer Mike Enslin, an author of two hit books focusing on supernatural phenomena. As research for his latest book, Enslin is determined to check out the notorious room 1408 in a New York City hotel by personally staying as a guest in the fabled room. With the intention that 1408 is just a myth perpetuated by stories and rumor that Enslin has collected for his past works. However, hotel manager Mr. Olin has strong objections to Enslin's stay and only warns him of possible danger to come. But Enslin is determined to go through and convinced that the horrific past of 1408 is just mere coincidence and a myth. But what Mike Enslin is about to experience is no myth, as 1408 truly is a room where the guests don't check out by noon.

I really can't wait to see this but with baby on the way a trip to the cinema might be a luxury I have to go without. Looks like its going on the list!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Absence Explained!

Ok so with the attached image the reason for my lack of blogging lately might be a bit clearer.

6th jnr was due yesterday and preparations have been taking up alot of my time. Should be here any day now so until all settles my posts will be irratic! This is baby number 2 so I'm hoping it all comes back to me.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Flying Witches of Mexico!

On January 16, 2004 a young Mexican police officer named Leonardo Samaniego was attacked by a witch. It sounds crazy, but from watching the taped interview Samaniego gave immediately following the occurrence, and seeing how he was literally trembling with fear and adrenaline, well, it gives the whole thing a touch of credibility. Samaniego was on routine patrol in his cruiser when it happened. It was so late the streets were pretty much empty, an easy night for a cop by the sound of things. Then he saw a black figure drop from a tree and hover off the ground. The figure flew onto his car and frantically scratched at the windshield trying to get at him.

He explains it best himself in this lengthy quote:

"It was a woman… all dressed in black that fell from the tree but she didn't touch the ground, just remained floating several feet from the ground. I saw her very well and then she landed softly on the ground and stood there looking at me. She was trying to cover her face from the lights of the car, I think they were bothering her. I could see two big black eyes on her, completely black without eyelids, and her skin was dark brown. She was all dressed in black with cloak and cape like a witch and she seemed very upset by the lights.

"As soon as I realized it was a kind of woman being, or a witch, very strange standing there trying to cover her face, she threw herself against my car very fast, falling on the car and hitting the windshield. She was flying very fast and it took only a second to hit the windshield glass. I was so shocked by this action that I put the car in reverse and pushed the accelerator trying to get away while requesting backup assistance by radio.

"It was a woman with big black eyes, everything was black, no eyelids. Her skin was dark brown and her expression was horrible. She was furiously trying to get me with her claws while I was running away in reverse calling desperately for backup assistance to any units around. When I finally hit the end of the street, I was so shocked that I covered my eyes and then I fainted."

Story HERE.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gone to Rune!

No its not a typo, even though this blog is riddled with them!

I've had the Ralph Blum set for a year now and haven't really put much time into it. Thats all gonna change!

Using a tools for readings was never something that appealed to me. Tarot cards, Angel Cards etc seemed to be the way to go until I felt a pull towards Runes. No one seems to be using them here in Ireland so its not easy to get advice.

The runes themselves feel lovely in the hand and something about them is just right for me. Its a case of reading the book and really getting a feel for them.

Wish me luck!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Documentable Urban Legends

I was thinking about Urban Legends recently and thinking that maybe ones like Bloody Mary could be tried and documented. Obviously for those who think there might be something in it this might seem dangerous ..... but sure its the only way to really see whats going on. Too many of these are keep alive just based on Hollywood and stories from a friend of a friends's cousins barber!

If anyone knows of any suitable ones then drop me a comment.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ectoplasmastic, what a word! Well done niall and only one google result when you search .... we'll soon change that.

*Will edit this post in the morning with more ifo.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mobile Ghost Hunter

Spooked by the unexplained sounds in your basement followed by flickering lights? If you suspect the spooky presence of a tortured spirit in your midst, you're not alone. The Discovery Channel wants to make a ghost hunter out of you by offering ghost detecting downloads that can pick up paranormal activity. According to the site, the detector constantly reads fluctuations of Electro Magnetic Fields (E.M.F) in the atmosphere, then sends the information back to Wiretown along with your name and ZIP code. This helps them plot the location of all E.M.F. results reported on the national Most Haunted Live map. To get your own ghost-busting tool, you have to sign up to receive "Most Haunted" Mobile content by texting the keyword BOO to 99799. Before you do though, keep in mind that you'll be charged a $1 monthly subscription fee for the service, as well as any data transfer that reports E.M.F activity around you. Unfortunately, if you want to turn your mobile into a ghost hunting device, you'll need to be on Cingular since service on Verizon or Alltel is not available. Check the list of phones too since only a handful of Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Nokia models are compatible.

No use to me because it doesn't cover Ireland but its a fun idea.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

On the Coast

Ok so as I said recently I was going back onto EastCoast Radio, this time dragging Stoner with me!

The file has been uploaded to the Audio & Video section of and you can listen to it HERE. It was basically a 20 minute chat covering a recent trip to Leap Castle with another group and some casual Paranormal banter. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fresh Nessie Sighting

Seems we have some fresh Nessie footage:

A Yorkshire man claims to have shot a video capturing the mythical Loch Ness monster. Gordon Holmes, a 55-year-old lab technician, was filming the lake where he captured an animal he says was about 45 feet long, moving at about 6 mph, on his camera.

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this jet black thing," said Holmes. The video has stirred debate in the cryptozoology community, as the quality of the tape is fairly good.

Marine biologist Adrian Shine, who has watched the video, says it is some of the best footage he has ever seen.

Music Video: Kopek

Just sharing this music video with as many people as I can. It was done by a guy I work with for a band KOPEK - feedback would be nice but spread the word!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The secret is in the dreaming

According to Nuri Sözkesen: To make an invention you need innovation. To have an innovation you need an imagination, to have an imagination you need dreams. So the source of innovation is dreaming.

Sözkesen is an eccentric who opened Turkey's first UFO museum, who plans to travel to space in 2009 and who has launched a children's clothing and towel line called siriusUFO.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Back on the Radio

Ok so I'm back on as a guest on EastCoast Radio's Psychic Line programme. Its been a while since I was on but my previous appearances can be found on HERE.

So I'll be on talking to EastCoast's Louise Kings & The Sandman from 10pm (Irish time) with a live stream available from EastCoast. You can also text, phone or email in for a readings. Details available at the start of the show.

Friday, June 1, 2007

My Helmet!

There are a few people in the Paranormal Community who turn their elitist noses up at popular cultural references to the world we deal with - I am not one of them. Personally I love the likes of Ghostbusters not only because it was a good movie but it served to highlight the Paranormal and open it up for everyone to take an interest in. I'd never consider myself a Ghostbuster as I can find the term a little disrespectful when it comes to the workings of things but when it comes to kicking back or a casual chat its all fine by me.

Here's a pic of my helmet, I was in with my wife getting a scan of our baby (due in a few weeks) and one of the nurses commented that she'd seen us in before. She then said it was the helmet that she recognised!

Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm off to .... Wicklow Gaol

Ok well am popping off to Wicklow Gaol today, not too much to say about it now but its a chance to walk around and snap some photos.

Hopefully it will be a worthwhile trip and I can post a bit more about it later.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Mud Volcano: Magicians banned

Magicians and others performing spiritual rites have been banned from throwing amulets and sacrificial animals into Indonesia's massive "mud volcano" for fear of making the disaster worse.

Hundreds of people have visited the ocean of mud devastating Sidoarjo, in heavily populated East Java, in a bid to end the seemingly unstoppable flow of thick sludge since it first broke through the earth a year ago.

Nine villages, including thousands of houses, factories and surrounding rice paddy fields, have been buried by the mud, which started flowing from the site of a gas exploration well during drilling 3km underground a year ago.

Australian company Santos has an 18 per cent non-operating stake in the failed Banjar Panji exploration project.

Guntur, a security guard at the entry to the main mud crater, said people who came to pray and conduct rituals to try and halt the mud - sometimes from as far away as Australia, France and China - usually ended up making things worse.

"Really, whenever they throw the head of a bull, or goat, or cow, the embankments surrounding the place will leak," said Guntur, who only uses one name like many Indonesians.

"Rituals of magic-filled things, or amulets, or things like that are prohibited now. Not long after they throw things in, the embankments would leak."

He said people also needed to seek permission before they cast spells over the mud.

Full Story HERE

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Joanna Honsberger R.I.P.

The White Witch of Niagara Falls once said the only two days she didn't believe in were "yesterday and tomorrow."

"There isn't anything I can do about what happened yesterday and no one can guarantee you a tomorrow, not even a fortune teller," Joanna Honsberger told a Review reporter during an interview in 1980.

As cancer ravaged her body, the Niagara Falls psychic found she couldn't even guarantee herself a tomorrow. She died Saturday at the age of 68.

6thSensitive would like to extend condolences to the family and friends of a Paranormal & Spiritual wonder.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Glendalough Ghost

Ghostly sightings at Glendalough in Wicklow - click image for full view:

Bouncing Cows!

The Incredible Bouncing Cow

One question has long plagued researchers of the paranormal and the unexplained: when aliens return cows after they have finished mutilating them, do the cows bounce when they hit the ground? Now, thanks to the research of noted UFOlogist Linda Moulton Howe, we know that the long-sought answer is yes, as established in Howe’s ground-breaking paper, “Scientific Data Supports Theory That Mutilated Montana Cow Dropped from Sky and Bounced” (see Howe’s on-site investigation revealed far more than the usual alien slice-and-dice operation on the poor dead animal: “there appeared to be a bounce mark some four to five feet southeast of the dead cow’s body. The soil was shoved up against the north side of the mark, suggesting that the 1,300-pound cow had dropped from high enough above to hit the ground with considerable force and bounced to its final resting place with its legs and head pointed north.”

More HERE.

Friday, May 18, 2007

"I think it seperates me from normality"

THE TRUTH is out there according to a Rugby man who claims that aliens planted a probe into his arm.

Steve Munday, 46, has become an internet cult figure after a video interview with him was broadcast on 'You Tube'.

The video (above), in which Steve reveals the tic-tac size object in his left arm, has had a big response and opened up an online debate into the paranormal.

Steve, who works in Rugby town centre, claims the probe was planted when he was 13 and ever since then he has believed in alien activity.

He said: "It happened when I was cycling to see a friend near Northampton. It was 6.30pm on a light summer's evening when I left home.

"But I got to my friend's house two hours later, despite it being a 15 minute journey. By then it was pitch black and I remember my friend shouting 'where have you been?

"To this day I still don't know what happened during those two hours. I feel that I lost those two hours from my life."

Steve, who claims to have had two other paranormal experiences during his youth, has no plans to get rid of the probe.

But he admitted that everyday life is far from straight-forward with the object inside his arm.

He said: "When I go through metal detectors and counters at supermarkets, the probe soon sets them off!

"But I don't mind that. It's become a part of me and it's here to stay. It doesn't hurt me and I can't even feel it unless I prod it.

"My friends get sqeamish when I show them it and my brother wants to get me drunk so he can cut the probe out and get it analysed!"
Steve, who is planning a second internet interview, added that he was proud to have the probe.

"I think it seperates me from normality. Generally people lead boring lives and nothing extraordinary happens to them," he added.

"I feel like an exception to that. If aliens chose me to abduct then that makes me special."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Robbie Williams is obsessed with Yvette Fielding's show Most Haunted on Living TV.

Robbie Williams used to live in a haunted house.

The sexy star has confessed he saw ghosts while living in former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr's Los Angeles house.

He told Britain's Radio One: "When I moved out, the removal men wouldn't go in because of the old lady sitting in the chair.

True story! "Ringo's son, Zak Starkey, said to me: 'I hear you're in my old place,' because his dad used to own it.

And he asked if I'd seen the children in the garden and the old lady. Well, I never saw the kids but, but the old lady certainly kept cropping up."

The 'Angels' singer also says after his brush with the paranormal he now wants to launch a new career - as a TV psychic.

He said:

"I want to do a whole TV series on paranormal things. I'm really intrigued. I'm pretty open for it to be real, but I'm also quite open for it to be the power of suggestion too. I just want to find out. I really want to get a TV show, perhaps on Living TV."

It was all good to go and the format and co-host had been sorted out but it got the red light from his people who said it wasn't right for his image.

I'm not even a Robbie fan so I'll try not post any more on this until he does more about it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Robbie Williams Speaks To The Dead

Robbie Williams is claiming that his paranormal powers enabled him to contact rat-packer Frank Sinatra when recording a swing album.

Robbie believes that Frank helped him to record his 2001 album, ‘Swing When Your Winning’.

“I like to play ‘Swing When Your Winning’ when I’m at home and Frank approves. He was there when I made it,” says the troubled singer.

When he’s not hanging around LA cemeteries, Robbie is reportedly studying black magic to help hone his abilities.

“I think I do have powers. I’ve seen things. My sister’s dog jumping at her feet, when it had passed away years before. Green lights coming in at my window, too.”

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Street Lamps: Bizarre!

Over the last few years of Patrick's (brother-in-law) travels I've noticed something and even made the odd joke about it .... now its out of hand! I just saw his photos from his recent trip to london and there they are, plain as day ... STREET LAMPS!! Ok it might be coincidence, I mean if you take a picture on a street in most cities you might well catch a "bit of lamp" but have a look at this selection and judge for yourself:

Its not like he's a dull "spotter", he gets around! Heading off to Rome, New York, Oslo, Peru, London, Paris ..... but its getting to the stage when I just know I'm gonna see pics of street lamps with a corner of some of the great sites of the world squeezing in from the side.

Patrick you need help!
Just admit you have a Street lamp Fetish and you're half way there.

So how can I tie this into my paranormal blog I here you ask? Easy!

From wiki:

Street light interference, or SLI, is an alleged anomalous phenomenon street lights, or outside building security lights, when passing near them. Hilary Evans coined the word "SLIder" to refer to someone who causes this effect, in his book The SLI Effect. In his book on page 15 he says "the effect is spontaneous and is apparently meaningless; it serves no practical purpose, nor does it seem to provide satisfaction for the individual or in any other way serve some kind of psychological purpose." He further explains that a wide variety of street lamp types are targeted. Hilary Evans is a well know English author on paranormal subjects and one of the founding members of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena

The idea of SLI might seem weird but its very common - try google it.

Thankfully Lamp Fetishes are as common but if you give that a google too you'll see its also not as rare as I'd be comfortable with!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Time Flies!

I've been trying to account for my time lately as I've alot going on and was wondering what I have to show for it?

Seems I've been leaving out all those little jobs I do on the side ... and the trail tends to lead back to "The Brother-in-Law" and his plans for web-domination. Probably my favourite bits I've done for him in the last while are the logo as well as the website for the Holiday accomodation in Bergen, Norway - Elfhouse.

So when people (including myself) are wondering why I'm not updating a blog or a website maybe I'm off helping Patrick earn his millions?

6thSensitive Update: Possession Article

Ok a small yet well overdue update to about different faiths views and stances on the subect of Demonic Possession:

I should be following up soon with a bit more writing on the subject.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Amateur footage of the lights was taken

I have never personally experienced anything which could be discribed as a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and have no strong opinions on them either way but I have spoken to very sane people who have a stronge belief in such things.

Here is a report from BBC Northern Ireland's Website:

Residents in County Down have raised the possibility of a UFO sighting above the skies of Bangor.

Several callers to BBC Northern Ireland have reported a series of strange orange lights in the night sky.

Air traffic control at Belfast International Airport said it had also received reports about the sightings, including one from the Coastguard.

However, the airport said it had no record of any aircraft in the sky at the time.

The callers said the sightings had been made on Saturday evening.

Clifford Rossbottom from Bangor told the BBC: "There were three orange globes - nearly in a straight line - they were an absolutely fascinating sight.

"I watched them for five minutes, and then very slowly, they just disappeared.

"The only thing I thought it could have been was three high-flying aircraft.

"If that is not the case, then I have no idea, and the only other thing I can think of is in fact that they were UFOs."

Friday, May 11, 2007


Following on from the StarBurst Challenge post we have a new record of a 40 stack!!

I also have a sugar rush headache and dont plan on trying this for at least another 2 years!

Still I did it and managed to prove nothing. Now lets see if anyone tries to topple the king.


Ok not strictly paranormal but its so amazing its borderline Supernatural! Here it goes: Starburst (formerly known as Opal Fruits) are a chewy fruit sweet made by Masterfoods (Mars) - they are lovely. The challenge was to make a single stack and squash it down using just your hands to hold it steady. I did this 2 years ago for a laugh in my office and managed at first 10 as a test and then 20. Today I plan to to destroy that with a 40 stack!! Thats 10 of each colour; Green, Purple, Red & Orange. The resulting Starburst Burger is mindblowing!! The pictures expalin it best.
Here is the plate of 40 Starburst. I have an additional 50 in case I go nuts!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Ghost Bus

When it comes to Paranormal Tourism in Dublin we haven't really got much, and with a reputation like Ireland has thats a real waste. Cities like Edinburgh have haunted tours on every corner so why is Dublin lacking so much?

Don't get me wrong the Dublin Ghost Bus is great craic. Its theatrical, entertaining and fairly unique, here's what they have to say about it on the website:

Dublin Tour - GhostBus
Let us put you at your unease on the world's only Ghostbus, and introduce you to the dark romance of a city of gaslight ghosts and chilling legends.

The bus itself is a unique attraction, it is a mobile theatre decorated in the gothic style and features a live storyteller who takes you on a spellbinding trip through Dublin. Once onboard, we take advantage of this atmospheric setting to spirit you away to a world of felons, fiends and phantoms and put you in the mood for being both charmed and spooked at the same time.

En route you learn the real origins of Dracula and his Dublin born inventor, Bram Stoker. We stop at the College of Physicians to recreate the strange activities of Dr. Clossy, whose spirit is still seen walking the corridors carrying a bucket of human entrails. We visit the site where Walking Gallows, the notorious judge, jury and hangman dispatched his victims in a most gruesome fashion.

This tour may not suit those of a nervous disposition!

Apart from that, the Zozimus Ghostly Experience and The Ghost Walk Macabre there's not much else in my area of interest happening in Irelands Capital City - hopefully that will start to change as the interest in all things Paranormal & Supernatural gets more popular.

Friday, May 4, 2007


I'm not usually one for cars but after stumbling onto Ted Vernon's site I fell head over heals for this beauty above. If I wont the lotto tomorrow I'd be straight on the phone and would have this 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood shipped right to my door.

Don't get me wrong, for pure cheese I still love good ol' Ecto 1 but nostalgia would get elbowed to the side for the classic sexy Caddy.