Thursday, June 19, 2008

Duncannon Fort

Ok I'll be blogging a bit about things I've done over the last while as its been non-stop investigations, PIGs business and website development for the last while.

All 5 PIGs headed off to virgin soil on the 24th May to Investigate Duncannon Fort in Wexfort. This place hadnt been investigated before despite have numerous reports by staff and visitors over the years. Colum was our contact for this as his family have a home down the road from the fort.

The investigation didnt turn up much outside of subjective personal experience but its definately worth more time. Its unquestionably one of the most impressive sites I've ever visited.

Anyway here is a small video, its not much, just a walk around in The Croppy Boy Cell:

PIGs: The Croppy Boy Cell

There was more than 20 hours of video and 8 hours of audio to review so there will be a couple more short vids etc to piece together.