Friday, December 26, 2008

Look into my eyes ......

Ok so I decided to learn a bit about hypnotism .... then I decided to learn a little more ..... then I decided to become the hypnotist!

I'd like to say its difficult and all mysterious but its really not. 1 book was all I needed and I seem to naturally have most of the traits needed (I'm VERY confident).

Yesterday I was at my parents house with my wife, kids and some more of my family. The topic came up and they asked to see what I could do. Next thing you know my sister is under and she cant move her hand off her leg - the more she tries the harder she laughs! Then she goes under again and this time she cant remember her fiances name (he's watching the whole thing) - again the harder she tries the more she laughs (we have tears of laughter by this stage). I bring it to an end and leave her feeling happy, relaxed and full of energy.

I'm gonna practice a lot more and can see this skill helping me with so many of my projects.

Its a great book that I learnt this all from and I'll share it with you soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok so I'm getting back into running a Development Circle again, it feels like the right time. The interest has been great so far and it looks like there'll be a decent group when it starts up in January. It worked out well last time so being me I'm hoping for better again.

I've replaced the Investigation section of 6thSensitive with a Development section because its a bigger part of my journey at the moment and demands more focus.

To be honest it really doesnt take much to start up a circle once you decide its what you want to do. Obviously not everyone that reads this can pop in to Dublin so if anyone would like some pointers in getting started then feel free to drop me a mail through the main site.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ParaCon on RTE's Nationwide!

Ok to draw a line under this years ParaCon (and to save my sanity!) I'm posting the segment that was on RTE's Nationwide. For those not from Ireland Nationwide is a fairly popular human interests programme that been going for years and gets great viewing figures.

I can haz fay-moose-ness?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Slowly but surely ...

... 6thSensitive is coming back!

Okay so I have the new site in place and I just have to fill it. I've stuck a bit about Cryptozoology in Ireland which might not interest some folk but sure .... what the heck?

Here is how it looks.

If you want a link but on it and its relevent then just let me know!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WARNING: Contains Strong Language

Ok so its normal to ask questions while doing an investigation but sometimes you need to push it a little ..... you know ... to get a reaction.

Please note though that I dont think this is always appropriate, I wouldn't do this in an area where nice little friendly ghosts are reported. That would be naughty.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok so we've sorted the speakers for the Convention!

Richard Jones:
Richard Jones is the author of many best selling books including Haunted Britain and Ireland, Myths and Legends of Britain and Ireland, Haunted Inns of Britain and Ireland and Haunted London. He has also written guides to Dublin, the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh, Chester, Bath and Stratford. He has conducted on the spot research at over 2,000 haunted places and is well versed in paranormal history.
Richards Website:

Catherine Murphy:
From an early age Catherine Murphy sensed something outside herself trying to communicate with her, something that she could not see, understand, or worse still, control. She didn't know what it was but knew it was an integral part of who she was. She's a straight talking mother of two who is quite realistic about her experiences. Catherine was a forus of an episode of RTE's Would You Believe and featured in the book Restless Spirit: The Story of Rose Quinn.
The book is available at:

Daev Walsh & Damien DeBarra:
Daev Walsh and Damien DeBarra are two of the reprobates behind Online since 1997, Walsh and Debarra (along with Barry Kavanagh and Sue Walsh) have a slightly different take on the world of the paranormal and supernatural, preferring not to subscribe to any one school of thought but rather to believe nothing, curse everything and apologise for NOTHING.
Purveryors of 'Gonzo Metaphysics' and 'High Weirdness' is based upon the lofty manifesto set out by it's original founder Flann O'Brien in being 'a publication of the Gutter' which would achieve 'entirely new levels in everything which is contemptible, despicable and unspeakable in contemporary journalism'. Blather has 'no principles, no honour, no shame'; its objects are 'the fostering of graft and corruption in public life, the furtherance of cant and hypocrisy, the encouragement of humbug and hysteria, the glorification of greed and gombeenism'". The book 'A Load of Blather' (good toilet reading) was published in June of 2008.
The book is available at:

Steve Parsons:
Parapsychologist and co-founder of ParaScience, Steve has worked on programmes such as Most Haunted and has been featured on the Discovery Channel both as an Investigator and for his work on Infrasound. Steven is a scientific and skeptical investigator who has no fears talking about his experiences behind the scenes of some of TVs most well know paranormal shows.

Bonnie Vance:
As owner of what is considered to be a second home to a large amount of ireland's paranormal enthusiasts, Bonnie has played a key role in the shape of the community - whether she knows it or not. Charleville Castle has been possibly the most open and welcoming of Ireland's great haunted locations. Having been feathered on programmes like Ghost Hunters International and Most Haunted its easy to forget that this is a family home - that is until you experience it first hand and are welcomed with open arms by Bonnie and the great team that keep the place what it is.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Centre Stage

Well the news of the PIGs next big Investigation is out there ... and its getting a fair bit of attention! Click on the thumbnail above to read about it and get a look at the lads and myself. I would have have cleaned myself up a bit if I'd known it was going to be on page 3 of the Metro .... thats right, I'm a page 3 star!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Struggling ...

I usually love the rain but when I'm trying my hardest to stay motivated in an empty office .... not being able to go outside sucks!

It doesn't help me in my job to promote the Dublin Paranormal Convention either, as much as I like all you online folks .... you ain't gonna buy tickets to it! So its out to the streets of Dublin for me - rain or not!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

In the Paper

So Kevin Jenkinson from The Star has done another article to mention the PIGs and upcoming convention. The focus is a bit off target but sure its all publicity!

Click the image for larger view.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good old days!

Ok so I'm going back to the good old days of 6thSensitve. Thats a return to the old logo and will be bring the site up to date with a new look. Thats gonna leave me free to use this blog as I want with podcast and video blogs coming in the near future.

Investigation stuff will be over on the PIG website so 6thsensitive will be more my ideas, experiences and ponderings.

6thSensitive was my first real website so I'd be a bad parent if I ditched it after all these years.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Randi Pulls the Plug

So James Randi has said that he's giving 2 more years for someone to claim his $1,000,000.00 prize by displaying paranormal abilities under controlled conditions. He says that 10 years is long enough to wait.

I'm just wondering why he is bothering to pull it? Its the main weapon for most skeptics and he's taking it away from them. If he thinks his money is so safe then whats the problem? Maybe he saw some cool stuff on craigslist that he really wants or maybe a psychic told him that someone is going to prove the existance of supernatural powahs in 2011? Maybe he just wants some attention or maybe he's just worried that he's been wrong all along and he'll be in deep do-do when he crosses over?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tickets on Sale!

Finally tickets have gone on sale for the Dublin Paranormal Convention! We've set up the shop on the so people can purchase tickets safely and conveniently through PayPal.

Now all we have to do is point people towards them and look forward for what I know will be a great day in Clontarf Castle.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barry FitzGerald: Dublin Paranormal Convention

Great News: Barry FitzGerald of the Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters International! Colum (of PIGs) met with Barry recently and he was more than happy to come on board to promote the Irish Paranormal Community. Barry will be giving a talk and will hopefully be answering a few questions at the Dublin Paranormal Convention in Clontarf Castle on Saturday 11th October 2008.

From Sci-Fi Channel's mini-site:

Barry FitzGerald, a veteran ghost-hunter with 17 years of experience in paranormal investigating, is memorable to Ghost Hunters fans for his work on TAPS' investigations in Europe, during the show's third season. Now, as a member of the new GHI team, Barry supplies his expertise in both ghost-hunting as well as his knowledge of the historical locations of each new investigation.

Haunted by supernatural events he experienced as a child growing up in Ireland, Barry developed an interest in paranormal research and went on to work for two different paranormal groups based in Northern Ireland. He now dedicates much of his time to the development of new investigative techniques and research methods.

A lifetime resident of Ireland, Barry previously worked as the warden for the Southern Education and Library Board, where he arranged weekends away for youths and worked on conflict issues and cross-border projects, allowing communities from either side of the cultural divide in Northern Ireland to work together and develop friendships. He is also an avid writer and cook.

I cant wait to get a chance to pick his brains!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

As if life wasn't crazy enough!

I've spent the last few days organizing a office move and oh how much fun it wasn't! I am now finally sitting in front of my iMac but surrounded by boxes and junk ... not to mention that I have no phone line and am piggybacking on a kind neighbours broadband (yes we did ask first!).

Its not all bad though and we've moved from a building full of legal eagles to the heart of trendy TempleBar! Hopefully the new setting will inspire me!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plate Spinning!

When I set up back in 2005 I was pretty chuffed with myself but knew it was going to take a bit of effort to keep it going. Unfortunately its suffered as I've brought more projects online but I've finally decided its time to make it a bit more up to date. At the moment I'm doing it in QuarkXpress which is crazy seeing as all my other sites are now looked after by my brother-in-law Patrick over at RedTomato, he's already got his work cut out for him with my sitesand now I'm throwing a revamp at him!

So far I have this blog plus 4 sites and 2 forums:

Thats a fair bit of work and sometimes I think its too much but I really cant see a single one that I dont feel is worth the effort.

My latest project is actually to replace an old site I had (Spectral Sightings) which, while a great idea, never took off due to me not having the skills to get it to work.SpectralSightings was meant to be a data base of all reported hauntings & sightings from around Ireland . I wanted it to rely on the input of others but it was just taking a lot of effort to make it worth having.

The new is one I know I am going to be proud of! Mainly a directory site with hauntings, sightings etc it will also include a list of mediums, readers, psychics, Investigation groups etc from around Ireland. To spot it from getting to boring though I will throw up latest news, any media attention, events and once it takes off competions.

So a new look for and more importantly some changes to make it alot easier for me to update. A site isnt worth having if its out of date!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Duncannon Fort

Ok I'll be blogging a bit about things I've done over the last while as its been non-stop investigations, PIGs business and website development for the last while.

All 5 PIGs headed off to virgin soil on the 24th May to Investigate Duncannon Fort in Wexfort. This place hadnt been investigated before despite have numerous reports by staff and visitors over the years. Colum was our contact for this as his family have a home down the road from the fort.

The investigation didnt turn up much outside of subjective personal experience but its definately worth more time. Its unquestionably one of the most impressive sites I've ever visited.

Anyway here is a small video, its not much, just a walk around in The Croppy Boy Cell:

PIGs: The Croppy Boy Cell

There was more than 20 hours of video and 8 hours of audio to review so there will be a couple more short vids etc to piece together.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ok so there's an article about the convention in the Irish Daily Star. For the record, I am not the founder of PIGs .... that better guys?

Click the image to see the article in full size:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dublin Paranormal Convention

Ok so I havent been blogging but I ain't been sitting on my ass either! The new site for the convention is up and running and the PIGs site is getting there too.

As well as the site the overall plans for the convention are going great. we've quality speakers sorted out and the stands are filling up. We've great groups coming over from all over so its looking to be a great event. The Summer months will see the start of the big push.

A big thanks to Patrick over at redtomato for all the work on the site ... and the hand full of other projects he's so kindly working on for me!

Friday, April 25, 2008

View from Hell

So off we went up Montpellier Hill to the very intimidating Hellfire Club. Its a tough little trek so we took a breather at the top and snapped off some shots of the view of Dublin .... its a site to behold!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 Men go up a mountain!

Ok well tonight the PIGs (+1) go up to the HellFire Club. I've been going up there for the last 23 years but have never done an investigation up there ... infact ... no group has! Its a bit out of the way but not too far from an area which has a bad reputation, fortunately I am from that area.

Hopefully I'll be popping up so footage and photos over the next couple of days but for now here is a video I shot up there one day I popped up on my own:

Paranormal Sub-Culture

Read an interesting article the other day, just thought I'd share:

The subculture of paranormalists – a group comprising everyone from careerists to occasional hobbyists – is absolutely fascinating in my opinion. Aside from the obvious fringe topics of interest, the people taking up this way of life and the stories of how they got into such a mix are just as amazing as the questions of life binding them. Some start out as skeptics and turn into full-out believers, some the reverse. Others are psychics putting those various talents to use as a means of seeing the unknown and the known in unique ways. Others were thrust into the fascination as a direct result of an unexplained personal event. Some are searching for a thing they can't put their finger on, a nagging that simply won't subside and can only be steadied through a wandering study of all things mysterious. Some spend every waking hour concentrating on a single topic. Many know there is something out there they will never understand and continue looking. Some are trying to prove something and seek that proof. Others feel there is nothing to prove and seek that proof of nothing or their version of logical explanations. Others, I'm afraid, are simply in it for attention, being more concerned with showmanship than an accomplishment of anything contributing to the advancement of understanding in the paranormal arts.

Anyway that only part of it and you can read the rest of the article here:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Psychic crackdown on the cards

Thaedydal over on Boards posted about this in the Paranormal Forum:

Mediums are fighting new EU rules designed to protect the public from dodgy traders, fearing that honest spiritualists could be targeted

This article appeared in the Observer on Sunday April 06 2008 on p21 of the News section. It was last updated at 01:18 on April 06 2008.

The evocative question 'Is there anybody there?' conjures up images of mediums summoning spirits in a darkened room. But now psychics must add a few riders before they invoke the voices of the dead, thanks to new consumer laws due to come into force. Breathless audiences are now likely to be asked: 'Is there anybody here... who is vulnerable, of nervous disposition, or likely to sue?'

Indeed, a whole list of disclaimers must be added to the spiritualists' spiel if they are to avoid an avalanche of writs following the repeal next month of the Fraudulent Mediums Act, to be replaced by the new Consumer Protection Regulations. Promises to raise the dead, secure good fortune or heal through the laying on of hands are all at risk of legal action from disgruntled customers. Spiritualists say they will be forced to issue disclaimers, such as 'this is a scientific experiment, the results of which cannot be guaranteed'. They claim the new regulations will leave them open to malicious civil action by sceptics.

The problem is that very little in the multi-million-pound psychic industry in Britain is for free, and anyone charging or accepting 'gifts' in exchange for a service is bound by the new regulations. There are charges for seances, Tarot, psychic readings and clairvoyance. Spiritualist church service-goers - and there are more than 300 spiritualist churches in Britain - are charged or asked for donations. Psychic mailings - letters promising spiritualist services in exchange for a cheque - are estimated to have cost Britons £40m in 2006-07, according to Office of Fair Trading research. Psychic services via telephone, online and satellite TV keep the tills ringing further.

For the past half-century, 'genuine' mediums have been protected by the 1951 Fraudulent Mediums Act, under which prosecutors had to prove fraud and dishonest intent to secure a criminal conviction, which was difficult. There have been fewer than 10 convictions in the past 20 years. With that protection gone, there will now be nothing between the medium and the trading standards officer - and no need to prove fraud. Instead it will be up to the trader, in this case the medium, to prove they did not mislead, coerce or take advantage of any 'vulnerable' consumers.

Carole McEntee-Taylor, a spiritualist healer in Essex, said having to stand up and describe the invoking of spirits as an 'experiment' was forcing spiritualists to 'lie and deny our beliefs'. She added: 'No other religion has to do that. And how can you tell if someone is vulnerable? You would have to ask them if they felt vulnerable, or had mental health issues, or were of a nervous disposition.'

With her husband, David, a spiritualist minister, she has set up the Spiritualist Workers' Association, to help regulate the industry and offer guidance on the law. They will be presenting a petition to 10 Downing Street on 18 April. Their website warns: 'The changes in the legislation are a minefield... given Britain's litigation culture. We have to fight it. If not, we will go back to the Dark Ages, where we will be persecuted and prosecuted.'

The Fraudulent Mediums Act replaced the 1735 Witchcraft Act. The government is set to repeal it and many other laws alongside the introduction of the Consumer Protection Regulations. If they are approved by Parliament, as is likely - there are debates in the Lords on 23 April and in the Commons on 6 May - the regulations will come into force on 26 May. They will ban 31 types of unfair sales practice outright, including bogus closing-down sales, prize-draw scams and aggressive doorstep selling, and will for the first time establish a catch-all duty not to trade unfairly, closing loopholes that rogue traders have been able to exploit. But spiritualists say the measures fail to take account of their religion.

'It is taking a religion, a way of life, and making it a commercial transaction,' said David McEntee-Taylor. 'If we hold a service in a village hall, we have to charge or ask for a donation to cover the cost of hiring the hall. There are bad mediums out there, and we would like to regulate them. But this is unfair on genuine spiritualists. Some people are very nervous of entrapment.'

Emma-Louise Rhodes, a researcher for BadPsychics, which seeks to expose malpractice, said: 'Hopefully, the new regulations will bring to justice those who have cruelly sought to exploit the bereaved for personal financial gain.'

A legal specialist said: 'Now there is no difference between a psychic and a double-glazing salesman in law.'

Spiritual journey

· Britain's first spiritualist church was set up in Keighley, Yorkshire, in 1853.

· Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, was an ardent believer.

· The First World War changed the spiritualist movement dramatically, with more bereaved relatives becoming desperate to make contact with their dead loved ones.

· Doris Stokes emerged as Britain's first real celebrity medium in the Eighties.

· Princess Diana consulted New Age healers and spiritualists.

· Selfridge's introduced the spiritualist 'Psychic Sisters' to its London store in 2006.

Now I am hardly a sceptic but I cant help but think that anything which protects the general publics from frauds etc is a good thing. We all now frauds exist so is it so wrong to bring in a law which anyone who claims to have "gifts" is answerable to?

A blogless month

So I've been pretty quiet for the last month and really need to get off my ass.

Its been busy enough in work etc but I have fit in an Investigation in Wicklow Gaol and have been working away on the New PIGs website and the Convention.

Anyway no more excuses, I have blogging to do!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ParaCon on Bebo

We've made a Bebo Group for the convention so if you're on Bebo stop by and say hello ... if you're not on Bebo the sign up, stop by and say hello! Click the image above to head over.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Ok so we're putting on a Convention this year in Dublin! There's alot of work to do but its the venue is booked and its coming together. If you're not planning on being in Dublin on Saturday 11th October 2008 then go book a flight, check the trains or do whatever it is you need to do.

You can visit the site by clicking on the banner above (which is still under construction) or drop by the forum and say hello. We dont just want your feedback .... we need it!

Dublin doesnt have anything like this but its definately long over due.



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

P.I.Gs Investigate Palmerstown Graveyard

P.I.Gs (Paranormal Investigation Guys) investigate Palmerstown Graveyard following the appearance of an unexplained figure in a photo taken by 3 masters students from UCD.

Original Image:

Enhanced Image:

Video of Investigation:

Friday, February 15, 2008

6thSensitve: Updated

Ok as I said in the last post here the wind of change are sweeping across There's alot more to do but with the setting up of P.I.Gs I've taken done the old investigation section and once the P.I.Gs site is fully up and running some of the stuff will be moved over there. Take a sneak peek:

Anyway I have to rethink what I will use my main site for but there is no way I'm just going to let it fall off the face of the Earth!

New Logo

Ok so its not drastically different but I wanted to try something new out. 6thSensitive has been going for the last 3 years and it needs a shake up!

New logo:

Old logo:
Thats only part of the changes going on over at ... stop by.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Council Pays for Exorcism

When Sabrina Fallon heard banging noises coming from her attic, she was understandably concerned and called the police.

Officers found no sign of a break-in, however, and joked that it might have been a ghost.

Unfortunately, Mrs Fallon didn't see the funny side.

Spooked: Sabrina Fallon outside her previously haunted house in County Durham

She claims the banging was followed by a series of strange happenings, including doors slamming shut, the ghost of a little girl appearing on the landing and, bizarrely, even her own dressing gown floating down the stairs.

And the council's solution to her months of torment? To pay for an exorcism, of course!

Now, through the power of prayer, holy water and protective salt circles, Mrs Fallon says she and her family have finally been left in peace.

Mrs Fallon, 23, moved into the three-bedroom council house in Peterlee, County Durham, with her husband Martin and two children in June last year.

They first contacted "ghostbuster" Suzanne Hadwin in December.

"She sent her spiritual guide to the house," Mrs Fallon said yesterday. "Me being me, I was waiting for a knock at the door.

"We got a call back later that night from Suzanne who said there was a male in the house. She said he was really angry and that he was after my youngest daughter Amy who is only 16 months old.

"It was terrifying. Suzanne didn't even know that I had two children, let alone their names. She knew everything - even the colour of the walls in our home. She said this male figure wanted to possess my daughter's body in order to relive his life. His name was Peter and he was a poltergeist.

"After that the banging got worse. He was also trying to make physical contact and on one occasion I felt a hand touch my shoulder."

Later that month they decided enough was enough and called in Miss Hadwin herself.

"When I saw the girl at the top of the stairs I thought I must have been seeing things," said Mrs Fallon.

"I tried to put it to the back of my mind but kept hearing this banging coming from the loft and whispering.

"I called the police one night suspecting that it may be thieves but they couldn't find anything and suggested it might be ghosts. It was then that I called Suzanne for help."

Mrs Fallon, whose 24-year- old husband quit his job as a lorry driver to protect his wife and children, was later told by a council worker of a murder at the property 50 years ago.

"I couldn't believe it," she said. "They said a man had killed his wife on the landing using a fire poker. It seems he then hanged himself."

Miss Hadwin offered to carry out an exorcism for £120.

Unable to afford the fee Mrs Fallon, whose elder daughter Shannon is nine, went to the council, which agreed to pay half.

The exorcism was carried out on December 27 and the Fallons say they have since been left in peace.

Miss Hadwin, 35, of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, said: "I realised there was a very bad spirit in the house and there had been a murder there.

"Sabrina was absolutely terrified. She told the council that she didn't want to stay in the house and that's when they agreed to help pay."

She added: "I got rid of the poltergeist by laying salt circles in the house as areas of protection for the family.

"I then used the power of prayer, sprinkled holy water and called in some angels to take the spirit to the place he needed to be taken."

A spokesman for Easington District Council said it agreed to pay half of the exorcism because the family were "extremely distressed" and the alternative was £40-per-night emergency accommodation.

She added that the council is committed to preventing homelessness by a number of measures, "albeit none of them quite as unusual as this".

Ghosthunter Suzanne Hadwin was paid by Easington District council to perform an exorcism at the Fallon family home in Peterlee


So my question on this would be, if the council hadn't payed the money and Mrs. Fallon couldn't not afford it ..... would Suzanne Hadwin have helped this woman for free?

I am actually going to try put that question to her and give her the chance to reply.

More on this to come.

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Logo?

I'm on a bit of a Black & White buzz at the moment and feel that the logo needs an update. I'll throw a few ideas up here and might add a poll, would love to hear back from people.

For now here is a quick look at what I'm thinking:

Feedback welcome!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paranormal Tv Shows

Boards.Tv (part of the empire) has made a new section to discuss Paranormal Tv Shows .... huzzah! Its early days but here's hoping it achieves even a fraction of the success of its father site.

There are a huge amount of shows going on at the moment, some already establish and some new ones on the way.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Childrens Book

First off thanks to my fellow PIG (Paranormal Investigation Guys) Niall Stone(r) for getting me this book, good man!

As a father of a beautiful 3 year old year girl and a rough and tumble 6 month old son its great to see a book like this being done. So here is a bit about the book:

I Think We've Got Ghosts by Brian Byers

Description: Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or just a close friend, this book is designed to help spark communication between you and your child. If you seem to be experiencing something paranormal in nature, this book will give a “face” to that which has none. Most importantly, this book is designed to allow your child to express his or her feelings through humor and illustrations. “I Think We’ve Got Ghosts,” is designed to empower your child to take control of a situation that may seem frightening in nature, and to realize it doesn’t have to be.

Its a great book and as someone who reads to his kids a lot, has a huge interest in the Paranormal and illustration (I studied Fine Art in College and work as a designer) this book is perfect. Ok so I wouldnt just read it to my kids for the sake of it but once they start to ask questions its the type of thing you can take out and ease their fears in a way thats on their level. Its also the type of book I'd hand a copy of to people who I deal with (with regards to the Paranormal) who have children.

I'm gonna have to buy a dozen copies or so!

Visit Brian's site HERE


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Psychic Medium Adam

Spiritual Enlightenment

Spend the day in the company of Psychic Medium Adam and have questions answered about the angels, spirit guides and life’s blueprint.
  • Ardmore Hotel, Finglas, Dublin Ireland - January 27th, 2008. 3pm - 6pm. (Doors open 2:30pm)
  • Holiday Inn, Oshawa, Ontario Canada - March 2008
Psychic Medium Adam & Psychic Bernie @ The Helix, Dublin Ireland - April 13th 2008

For more information on upcoming events and how to purchase tickets, please call Sandra at 085 7630 343 or email


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Group seeks pardon for witchcraft


EDINBURGH , Scotland, Jan. 7 (UPI) -- A Scottish group specializing in the paranormal is calling for the country's Parliament to pardon the last person in Britain to be convicted of witchcraft.

Full Moon Investigations announced it plans to submit a petition to ministers that calls for them to lobby the Home Office to fully pardon Helen Duncan, who was convicted and jailed for witchcraft in 1944, the Edinburgh Evening News reported Monday.

Duncan was arrested after conducting seances in locations across Britain, but was allegedly arrested after concerns were raised that she would reveal details of the upcoming D-Day landings.

The organization said it is also working to obtain posthumous pardons for nearly 4,000 people prosecuted, tortured and executed in Scotland under the witchcraft act.

"The pardon of the 4,000 prosecuted as witches is very relevant in today's society," said Full Moon founder Andrea Byrne. "Occupations such as herbalists, acupuncture, midwifery, reiki (spiritual energy therapy) and health foods can all be seen as having roots in the traditions and people who would have been classed as witches in their day.

So show your support and visit the guys at

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Orbs: A theory

For me orbs themselves are nothing to get excited about, I believe they are, as some say, the first stage of a spirit manisfestation - however if you look at their behaviour, then you might be getting somewhere.

If you consider how dust behaves when it close to a TV screen or anything with a static charge and the look at orbs it can kick up a few ideas.

Recently watching an investigation a girl was on video being "followed" by an orb ... this may simply have been dust (or similar) attracted to a charge on her cheap polyester top

So if a spirit walked through an empty room (for example) whatever the make up of the spirit is (electro-magnetic etc?) could this affect the behaviour of particles in the air?

I've taken a picture in a place I felt was very active, one second not much going on .... 4 seconds later, hundreds - taken from the same spot.

So my opinion is that orbs are nothing more than dust etc but their behaviour could be a good heads up to activity.