Thursday, January 24, 2008

Childrens Book

First off thanks to my fellow PIG (Paranormal Investigation Guys) Niall Stone(r) for getting me this book, good man!

As a father of a beautiful 3 year old year girl and a rough and tumble 6 month old son its great to see a book like this being done. So here is a bit about the book:

I Think We've Got Ghosts by Brian Byers

Description: Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or just a close friend, this book is designed to help spark communication between you and your child. If you seem to be experiencing something paranormal in nature, this book will give a “face” to that which has none. Most importantly, this book is designed to allow your child to express his or her feelings through humor and illustrations. “I Think We’ve Got Ghosts,” is designed to empower your child to take control of a situation that may seem frightening in nature, and to realize it doesn’t have to be.

Its a great book and as someone who reads to his kids a lot, has a huge interest in the Paranormal and illustration (I studied Fine Art in College and work as a designer) this book is perfect. Ok so I wouldnt just read it to my kids for the sake of it but once they start to ask questions its the type of thing you can take out and ease their fears in a way thats on their level. Its also the type of book I'd hand a copy of to people who I deal with (with regards to the Paranormal) who have children.

I'm gonna have to buy a dozen copies or so!

Visit Brian's site HERE


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aura said...

Great post. This sounds like a good book.