Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Psychic Medium Adam

Spiritual Enlightenment

Spend the day in the company of Psychic Medium Adam and have questions answered about the angels, spirit guides and life’s blueprint.
  • Ardmore Hotel, Finglas, Dublin Ireland - January 27th, 2008. 3pm - 6pm. (Doors open 2:30pm)
  • Holiday Inn, Oshawa, Ontario Canada - March 2008
Psychic Medium Adam & Psychic Bernie @ The Helix, Dublin Ireland - April 13th 2008

For more information on upcoming events and how to purchase tickets, please call Sandra at 085 7630 343 or email pm_adam@hotmail.com

Visit: http://www.psychicmediumadamonline.com/index.htm

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Paranormal said...

All these skeptics out there are claiming there are no such things as Ghosts, Spirits or the Afterlife. Is it maybe because they have also has experiences and are to afraid of the truth or would it be that they don’t want to let them selves believe and just make fun of those who do. If there is no such thing as ghost then how to you explain what occurs everyday that does not have a scientific meaning. It has always been my understanding that if you can’t prove why something happen with scientific measures then that my friend means it is PARANORMAL. Alot of people do not understand what paranormal is, it does not always means ghosts, UFO’s, or the after life, it is just saying that something is going on that we cant explain.

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