Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plate Spinning!

When I set up 6thSensitive.com back in 2005 I was pretty chuffed with myself but knew it was going to take a bit of effort to keep it going. Unfortunately its suffered as I've brought more projects online but I've finally decided its time to make it a bit more up to date. At the moment I'm doing it in QuarkXpress which is crazy seeing as all my other sites are now looked after by my brother-in-law Patrick over at RedTomato, he's already got his work cut out for him with my sitesand now I'm throwing a revamp at him!

So far I have this blog plus 4 sites and 2 forums:


Thats a fair bit of work and sometimes I think its too much but I really cant see a single one that I dont feel is worth the effort.

My latest project http://www.paranormal.ie is actually to replace an old site I had (Spectral Sightings) which, while a great idea, never took off due to me not having the skills to get it to work.SpectralSightings was meant to be a data base of all reported hauntings & sightings from around Ireland . I wanted it to rely on the input of others but it was just taking a lot of effort to make it worth having.

The new Paranormal.ie is one I know I am going to be proud of! Mainly a directory site with hauntings, sightings etc it will also include a list of mediums, readers, psychics, Investigation groups etc from around Ireland. To spot it from getting to boring though I will throw up latest news, any media attention, events and once it takes off competions.

So a new look for http://www.6thsensitive.com and more importantly some changes to make it alot easier for me to update. A site isnt worth having if its out of date!


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Crys said...

well, i'm new to this blog, but i feel the more the merrier, in terms of the paranormal. cheers!