Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paranormal Sub-Culture

Read an interesting article the other day, just thought I'd share:

The subculture of paranormalists – a group comprising everyone from careerists to occasional hobbyists – is absolutely fascinating in my opinion. Aside from the obvious fringe topics of interest, the people taking up this way of life and the stories of how they got into such a mix are just as amazing as the questions of life binding them. Some start out as skeptics and turn into full-out believers, some the reverse. Others are psychics putting those various talents to use as a means of seeing the unknown and the known in unique ways. Others were thrust into the fascination as a direct result of an unexplained personal event. Some are searching for a thing they can't put their finger on, a nagging that simply won't subside and can only be steadied through a wandering study of all things mysterious. Some spend every waking hour concentrating on a single topic. Many know there is something out there they will never understand and continue looking. Some are trying to prove something and seek that proof. Others feel there is nothing to prove and seek that proof of nothing or their version of logical explanations. Others, I'm afraid, are simply in it for attention, being more concerned with showmanship than an accomplishment of anything contributing to the advancement of understanding in the paranormal arts.

Anyway that only part of it and you can read the rest of the article here:

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