Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mobile Ghost Hunter

Spooked by the unexplained sounds in your basement followed by flickering lights? If you suspect the spooky presence of a tortured spirit in your midst, you're not alone. The Discovery Channel wants to make a ghost hunter out of you by offering ghost detecting downloads that can pick up paranormal activity. According to the site, the detector constantly reads fluctuations of Electro Magnetic Fields (E.M.F) in the atmosphere, then sends the information back to Wiretown along with your name and ZIP code. This helps them plot the location of all E.M.F. results reported on the national Most Haunted Live map. To get your own ghost-busting tool, you have to sign up to receive "Most Haunted" Mobile content by texting the keyword BOO to 99799. Before you do though, keep in mind that you'll be charged a $1 monthly subscription fee for the service, as well as any data transfer that reports E.M.F activity around you. Unfortunately, if you want to turn your mobile into a ghost hunting device, you'll need to be on Cingular since service on Verizon or Alltel is not available. Check the list of phones too since only a handful of Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Nokia models are compatible.

No use to me because it doesn't cover Ireland but its a fun idea.

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