Friday, May 18, 2007

"I think it seperates me from normality"

THE TRUTH is out there according to a Rugby man who claims that aliens planted a probe into his arm.

Steve Munday, 46, has become an internet cult figure after a video interview with him was broadcast on 'You Tube'.

The video (above), in which Steve reveals the tic-tac size object in his left arm, has had a big response and opened up an online debate into the paranormal.

Steve, who works in Rugby town centre, claims the probe was planted when he was 13 and ever since then he has believed in alien activity.

He said: "It happened when I was cycling to see a friend near Northampton. It was 6.30pm on a light summer's evening when I left home.

"But I got to my friend's house two hours later, despite it being a 15 minute journey. By then it was pitch black and I remember my friend shouting 'where have you been?

"To this day I still don't know what happened during those two hours. I feel that I lost those two hours from my life."

Steve, who claims to have had two other paranormal experiences during his youth, has no plans to get rid of the probe.

But he admitted that everyday life is far from straight-forward with the object inside his arm.

He said: "When I go through metal detectors and counters at supermarkets, the probe soon sets them off!

"But I don't mind that. It's become a part of me and it's here to stay. It doesn't hurt me and I can't even feel it unless I prod it.

"My friends get sqeamish when I show them it and my brother wants to get me drunk so he can cut the probe out and get it analysed!"
Steve, who is planning a second internet interview, added that he was proud to have the probe.

"I think it seperates me from normality. Generally people lead boring lives and nothing extraordinary happens to them," he added.

"I feel like an exception to that. If aliens chose me to abduct then that makes me special."

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