Monday, May 21, 2007

Bouncing Cows!

The Incredible Bouncing Cow

One question has long plagued researchers of the paranormal and the unexplained: when aliens return cows after they have finished mutilating them, do the cows bounce when they hit the ground? Now, thanks to the research of noted UFOlogist Linda Moulton Howe, we know that the long-sought answer is yes, as established in Howe’s ground-breaking paper, “Scientific Data Supports Theory That Mutilated Montana Cow Dropped from Sky and Bounced” (see Howe’s on-site investigation revealed far more than the usual alien slice-and-dice operation on the poor dead animal: “there appeared to be a bounce mark some four to five feet southeast of the dead cow’s body. The soil was shoved up against the north side of the mark, suggesting that the 1,300-pound cow had dropped from high enough above to hit the ground with considerable force and bounced to its final resting place with its legs and head pointed north.”

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