Friday, May 11, 2007


Ok not strictly paranormal but its so amazing its borderline Supernatural! Here it goes: Starburst (formerly known as Opal Fruits) are a chewy fruit sweet made by Masterfoods (Mars) - they are lovely. The challenge was to make a single stack and squash it down using just your hands to hold it steady. I did this 2 years ago for a laugh in my office and managed at first 10 as a test and then 20. Today I plan to to destroy that with a 40 stack!! Thats 10 of each colour; Green, Purple, Red & Orange. The resulting Starburst Burger is mindblowing!! The pictures expalin it best.
Here is the plate of 40 Starburst. I have an additional 50 in case I go nuts!!

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Anonymous said...

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