Monday, April 2, 2007


Well I am still exhausted from this trip but thats the price you pay for staying up all night running around one of Irelands most haunted castles.

I'll be posting more info later but for now I'll just thank a few people for a great night.

First off I have to thank Sarah & Sarah of Psychic Senses Investigations for organising the night - 2 thumbs up! Sean Ryan also for not only letting us use the castle but for making us feel so welcome - genuinely nice guy.

Then its onto the band of merry miscrient who (despite not appreciating good fun tunes) make for a great night!

Niall - President of the Bruce Springstein Fan Club

Ed - The guy who could teach your pet poodle to make stroodle and all for a price of a pot noodle.

Gav - Who's GPS almost convinced me that Birr was an Island off the coast of Mexico.

Graham - Who I know wonly hugged me to make his girlfriend jealous

Kim - Who carried out what must have been the most polite seance in history

Kat - Who's presence on this trip made it very clear that Graham has been spoofing us about Archiology all along.

More to follow!

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