Monday, April 9, 2007

It's back ... Ghost Castle!

I'd been tempted to buy this so many times over the last few years but for some reason I never did. Now, after a quick glimpse of a TV ad, I see that Ghost Castle has been re-release! Ok so they've redone the packaging but the game itself doesn't apppear to have been changed much. It even still has the cool glow-in-the-dark skull (with red eyes) that anyone over the age of 25 must remember. Sadly I never owned this game but I loved playing it down in my cousins house .... all thats gonna change because I am definately snatching up one of these. Oh and a big F*CK OFF to all the profiteerers on eBay who where selling the original for massive profits! There is a very goood reason GhostCastle was voted in the TOP 50 kids toys of all time!

1 comment:

StormKeeper said...

I had Ghost Castle myself, though unfortunately I was too young to appriciate it. I may actually get it myself now.