Monday, April 16, 2007

The Covenant: Not a bad movie

I don't get to watch DVDs like this often as the wouldn't be the film of choice for either my wife or 2year old daughter. So when do get the rare opportunity I try to get something thats going to entertain - The Covenant does deliver entertainment and its very well shot.

Seeing that I hate the teenie horror movies that get thrown at us I was a little worried by the fact its set around a bunch of good looking school kids. It wasn't a problem though because I don't think I'd seen a single one of them in a film before.

The movie didn't so much remind me of Lost Boys but did get me thinking that the 80's classic
could be remade and done well.

Anyway, thumbs upto The Covenant - the effects where great and it didnt focus too much on teh teenie love side of things.

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