Thursday, April 26, 2007

Looking Back ....

Its nice to get a break from worrying about organising investigations and trying to bring it all together. That said I had a great time over the last couple of years and notched up 9 trips to some fantastic locations. Without sounding cheesey though the best bits of it all was getting together with people who are interested in similar things and just having a laugh.

With that I'd like to say hi to the following:

Andy, Gavin, Graham, Niall, Ed, Dave, Thomas, Katie, Brian, Steven, Kim, Karin, Louis K., Sandman, Louise D. Ann, Dave, Marika, Sharon, Maria, Sarah, Sarah Lou, Kat, Donal, Gary, Kevin, Eoin, Rachel, Nicki, Terry, Siobhan, Alan, Dave, Paul.

These are all people who I've been on trips but I know I've forgotten to mention a couple at least .... my bad. I just wish I had gotten group shots taken each time.

Thanks to everyone for making all the trips great.

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