Wednesday, March 21, 2007

6th's Colour Wheel Vibration/Frequency Theory

Ok time to share my thoughts! This is something my brain cooked up having been dealing with this sort of thing one way or another for the last 10 years. This is just the basics of it but you'll find a full article on the subject over on my site HERE

Few points:
I believe each person's energy or spirit has a range of frequency which it covers. Some would see this as a vibration. I believe through meditation, personal development and other factors people can increase the range of the field. I equally believe that at times the range of this frequency (or infact the frequency itself) can be affected in other ways i.e. when sick or stressed the range can decrease dramatically of when placed in a different enviroment (new home, office or visiting a particular area) the frequency can change altogether. We all know of people in our lives who seem to get on with everyone. These are people who to me would cover a large range on the spectrum - of course they never get on with 'everyone' and rub some people up the wrong way. In the same way we all have someone in our lives, someone we work with, who is impossible to get on with. These people seem narrow and in that they would cover a very small range on the spectrum.
Interesting ideas

So am I talking about Aura? I believe it is similar to arua but different in a number of ways. Aura to me is something less constant in that it changes on a much regular basis. Twins I also believe this idea sits interestingly with the connection between twins, who some beieve are capable of a 'special' connection. Initially their ranges could be identical but over time as they have different life experiences these ranges would change unless they consciously worked at it. Odd Couple Sometimes you get 2 people who are complete opposites but work very well together. If they can put aside personality differences they cover a much broader range between them. Some seem couples like this as unlikely 'allies' or 'odd couples'.


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