Thursday, March 29, 2007

Leap Castle: Oubliette

An oubliette was a form of dungeon which was accessible only from a hatch in a high ceiling. To exit an oubliette was nearly impossible without outside help. The word comes from the French oublier, "to forget," as it was used for those prisoners the captors wished to forget about. Most prisoners were left to die of starvation, although in a few cases an oubliette was known to have a large spike in the center of the floor, which would result in more immediate death for those prisoners who were impaled by it.

One of the part of Leap Castle I'm dying to Investigate is the Oubliette. One of the groups that have visit Leap is T.A.P.S and here's what they said about it:

The Oubliette is located in the back section of the room behind where the altar once stood. Originally was a shaft with spikes located at the bottom and people were mercilessly thrown into the dungeon to die from impaling. The lucky ones died instantly, but those who survived died slow, painful deaths from exposure, starvation, and disease while smelling the food of the living and hearing the mass from the chapel above. It’s unknown how many people died this way, but three cartloads of bones were removed from the shaft.

So I guess I'll be spending a bit of time down there .... hopefully not on my own!


Otaku .K. Kudo said...

The leap castle sounds so creepy! I have so much fun reading of your exspirences, I got the chills constantly. I just wanted to tell you about a local museum that I think is Haunted. Its called: The Zalud house, and its been in Porterville California since 1891. Its never been rebuilt or touched since it was built, and all of the things in it were owned by the actual owners in 1891. But, what do I really know about it...''cough,cough'' I haven't been in it yet. Everything about it reeks ''Haunted'' Its so cool! When you see it, you just imagion walking by it on a rainy night and seeing an old man on the top floor window in a rocking chair staring down at you. So...I think you guys should cheack out that place, Its awesome. I'm going to feel so stupid if you already know about this, but I just had to tell you about it. When ever I pass it, I feel as if...I'm drawn to it, ITS WEIRD. So, yeah...sorry for writting so long! Thanks for the Leap Castle article thingy, I loved it.
Otaku .K. Kudo, 15

6th said...

Cheers Otaku,

Hadn't heard of this place. Thats the great thing about the internet, or rather the people on it, you get to hear about places local to people that we'd otherwise never hear of.

If I've ever over that way I'll make sure to check it out.


Anonymous said...

I live in Ireland (not in Offaly) and a local radio station did a broadcast from there the other day. It was brilliant - you could even hear some of the ghost's voices over the radio! If you want to listen it might be podcasted on their website: