Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Haunted Dolls for sale on eBay? Sounds a little crazy doesn't it. I've seen haunted & possessed items on eBay for years ranging from jewellery to an evil teddy that went for about $700!

Still whether genuine or not some people really have a background story to go with the items that seem too good to be true. Betysboots shop over on eBay has a fairly big collection of dolls with a little something extra that range from $10 to $259. Here's a bit from the seller about the house these items come from:

For the last 5 years, we have been cleaning out the attic of Roseland House. When we started, there were 10 huge cardboard boxes full of dolls. There is one left. These dolls are from this box. We never found out who packed away all these dolls or why, but every one seems to be enchanted. Some, way more than others. Some claim to be spirits and others appear to be animated by bewitching spells. We found evidence in the attic of spells and rituals. The writtings and items were never harmful or mean spirited. We believe the old woman who lived in the home, for probably close to 60 years, owned the dolls and kept them as companions. She either found a way to enchant them or has actually found a way to place lost spirits in them...or both! Now, these dolls are moving on to be companions for people all over the world. Some arrive with there spirits intact and others either don't make it or become quiet.
No, you can't shine a bright light in their face and demand they talk. It seems the more comfortable they are in their new home, the more active they become.

Dolls can be freaky, just like clowns, so whats to stop people from flooding the likes of eBay with armies of possessed barbies?


Anonymous said...

I actually own two of these dolls (I have just bought my 3rd doll) and I can tell you they are haunted..I have numerous spirit orb photos..have heard music, smelled unusual smells and the tricks they play..turning off our alarm clock, turning down the alarms on our cell phones (my Partner has been late for work twice so far)and my fav. they actually switch the inserts in her shoes..she has twice now found her left insert in her right shoe and vice versa..we sometimes hear little coughs and sneezes, throats clearing..and the other day I heard tiny voices coming from inside our room my Partner was asleep and I was barely awake, but I could hear the muffled voices..there are no ifs or maybes with these dolls they are haunted!

Anonymous said...

I too bought a roseland house doll. I have had some experiences as well. I have heard a whistling tune which lasted about 10 seconds, and a knock on the wall close to the room i keep them in, only to turn and see a light shadow appear to the right of me on the wall. I have heard footsteps. I bought two other dolls from ebay, so i need to figure out which one is doing it. Maybe all three.

Leo Guy said...

Ones I bought on eBay sure are Haunted, know a few good eBay sellers.