Saturday, March 24, 2007

Whats the Weekend got?

Ok so I'm planning to update 6thSensitive this weekend which means fresh stuff for here too. I've had a couple of groups on from the states who I'm gonna ad to my links page and will write a little about them here.

All this might wait til Sunday night as I'll be up listening to Louise Kings & The Sandman on The Psychic Line Radio Show at EastCoast FM from 10pm til 1am.

I hope to back on again as a guest in the future, its always an interesting experience.

As for today its off to a Christening for my wife's friend's son.


RedTomato said...

enjoy the christening boss, and keep on posting!

TJ said...

Enjoy the party. Thanks for your comment. My eye is healed up. I am off to Germany in 2 days and I´ll be talking to you when I am back.