Thursday, January 1, 2009

Talking about a Resolution!

Ok so New Year means we've gotta make a few promises to ourselves ...... luckily I've gotten pretty good at forgiving myself over the years!

Anyway, January will be a month of no bread and no potatoes - thats hell for me! But I started Wii Fit last night with my wife and hopefully that will distract me plus make it a bit of fun.

The Hypnotism is something I am very excited about and hopefully I'll get more people to practice on. Then there is the Development Circle later this month and The PIGs should be kicking ass following a long overdue meet up next week.

Apart from that I'm gonna use this year to make myself better at what I do, be that home, work or play!

Oh and I'm gonna blog ... like .... proper blog. I promise.

Happy New Year,


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