Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walk this Way!

Ok so as well as looking after my mind I'm just to kick start my body! I'm off bread and potatoes for January to start the weight loss off and Wii Fit has become a part of everyday life. As well as that I'm making the most of my lovely city (Dublin) by going for a small walk (3.5km) a few times a week - leaving me less time to eat during my lunch.

So, an Irish man giving up spuds? Its as rare as hen's teeth. Anyway the map above is the walk I take, if you see me on the blue line between 1-2pm wave.


RedTomato said...

That's some good walking. If the weather improves Trinity is a nice spot for a walk and there may be some paranormal sites in there to check out.

Blogger said...

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