Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feathered Wolf

Okay so I had a dream a few nights ago and while I don't remember the dream when I woke up I had the words "feathered wolf" stuck in my head? Obviously I Googled it ... thats what Google is for. So theres a bird with the nickname "feathered wolf" and a few fantasy anime references of wolves with wings etc.

Of the image search results the one I liked was the one above. I studied art and did sculpture so the stone appeals to me. Anyway, just thought I'd share as the words themselves have no obvious meaning or message for me.


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Raphnix said...

My proposition about you dreaming of feathered wolf is that it's a divination or prediction that you'll encounter the information later. Cunning isn't it?

That's why if you haven't remember your dreaming about it, it will feel like deja vu when you get stumbled with the term.