Friday, September 11, 2009

Genuine Apology

Seems I made a pretty hefty fo0k up yesterday by accidentally sending out a mail to about 300 people. The problem being that the message went out using Cc, not that it should have gone out at all.

While migrating my emails to a new machine I managed to merge a large % of my contacts, both personal and professional, into a mega-mailing list. Even at that I wasnt meant to send it which is evident by the subject line which is months out of date.

I've understandably received some negative feedback for this and have issued apology emails. Some people will remain angry but I just wanted to take this chance to apologies to those here who may have received the mail and guarantee that this was a once off mistake which will not be repeated.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
I knew it must have been you as soon as I saw the mail :). Its obviously a genuine mistake and could happen to anyone. Fair play to you for putting your hand up, hopefully others will see you for the decent guy you are.