Monday, August 31, 2009

Paranormal Investigations Vs GhostHunting

Ok so some Paranormal Investigators are a bit snobby when it comes to being called a "GhostBuster" or "GhostHunter" ... not me though! Its usually the only reference some people have and they are just being curious.

That said I do distinguish between an Investigation and a GhostHunt:

Paranormal Investigation: For me this is when a group of people go to a location which has specific reports of activity. So you're investigation the (claims of) activity.

GhostHunt: This is usually where you decided to check out a place because it looks spooky or because there is a history to the place (i.e. a site of a battle etc). Sure theres no activity to investigate but it can be worthwhile. Its a good way to try out new ideas or procedures and at the end of the day if you walk away with nothing you can just write it off.

Anyway thats been in my head for a bit and a recent conversation about why people bother checking out places that have no reports of activity made me want to put it out there. Its not like I'm saying thats how they should be defined, thats just how it works for me.

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