Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where or Who would you haunt?

So you're dead, and whatever way these things work you get to choose one person or place to haunt .... where/who?

I suspect alot of guys will say a women's changing room because well ... men are predicable!

For me though I'd want somewhere with a decent amount of human traffic, somewhere that isn't gonna be knocked down anytime soon or get abandoned.

So I'd go with Merchants Arch in Temple Bar, Dublin.

I wouldnt choose to haunt a person because when they die I'd have alot of explaining to do.


Aura said...

Love this post!! I would spook everyone on my shit list...LOL.. and then move on. I don't like the idea of remaining earthbound.

Anonymous said...

I think remaining earthbound is ones own hell, so to speak.
However, If I found myself stuck here I imagine I would firstly go for safety, and persons I know and loved. Family would be first choice, but not sure how long I'd stay. I guess once in another dimension,things are easier to obtain on one hand,others hard on another. Time, energy and space. Communication would be hard, and I think most are trying to do just that. But end up frightening us instead. Hence the Haunt. Moving objects gets ones attention, but your communication is lost in the negative fear.
I read where most stay earthbound because of fear in religious beliefs, taught as a child. Light represents Judgement Day for some. All that is pounded into our small heads as a child, have lasting subconscious effects.
Tragedy,last words of comfort for those left behind and death at a young age are reasons why we linger, or so I've read. I don't believe were not aware we are dead. Taking our conscious and personality with us is confusing too me. If I'm mentally disturbed,or suffer from depression in life,I am in death as well. If I'm mean,angry and bitter in life,sometimes due to life, then I'm there in death as well. No salvation. I imagine that alone would piss you off enough to Haunt as many persons, and places you can. It's inevidable,we'll all find out one day