Friday, June 19, 2009


Its not something I do nearly as much as I like but I tried out a new CD last night and it was great!
Going Home - The Reunion CD is by Tom Coltan, a great guy and President of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland. Here's what he says about it:
This meditation will take you higher and higher into the spirit realm, where you will meet one of your loved ones and spend some time talking and catching up with them. It will raise your energy connection and vibration that allows us to communicate with spirit and bring you into a space of calm, a space of peace, a space of knowing and a space of being.

I'm used to giving guided meditations and can get stuck in my own way of doing things. Handing myself over to this was easy and I felt so good after it. Of course I followed it up with a midnight screening of Transformers 2 but I genuinely believe my relaxed state and heightened awareness made the movie even better :-)

You can get the CD from Tom's site GrĂ¡ agus Solas.

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