Thursday, September 30, 2010

SPOOKED .... and me!

Ok so I may not have been updating this much but I have been busy .... check me out in this project!

Spooked is an Irish reality style documentary where six carefully selected young people are placed in a "haunted" house for the weekend. There they discover if the house is truly haunted or not. Will the sceptics remain sceptic when they stay in this haunted location? A psychologist will feature in the programme and will assess the participants over the weekend. There will also be a number of paranormal investigators and a medium involved, to help tell the ghostly stories of the house or the location. This is a light hearted documentary on how the mind works and responds to suggestion.

Now here is the promo .... I'm the handsome guy with the glasses standing behind the chair @ 0.05!

Episodes: 1 - Tuesday 5th October, 10.00pm RTÉ TWO

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