Friday, April 30, 2010


So when people in "the biz" talk about spirts they talk about all sorts, not least of which are Earthbound Spirits". Usually they speak of unfinished business or a strong connection which the deceased is reluctant to to break.

The idea of a ghost being bound to this world as a form of punishment may seem very outdated but recent discussions about Tuatha de Danann (Irish Otherworld beings, Sí or Fairies) brought up some elements of mythology about Iron that had us joining dots.

(..... I need sleep so I'll come back and edit in more to this!)


admin_nds said...

It is not always "bound" spirits, but sometimes reflections of strong events that happened long before. I live in an older house with an newly installed in-ground pool.

The water gateway changed the balance and we are now seeing people (shadow people) and one nearly visible man in 1940s clothes.

AndyV said...

It is interesting to think something is bound here.

My favorite argument in the matter is made in the "Mothman Prophecies". Put simply "could you explain to a cockroach that it is going to die(i cannot remember the exact quote)". So why is it out of the realm of possibility that we are the cockroach sometimes.

wej said...

be freed!
Jesus sets people free! =)

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