Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A night in Jail

Actually it was a Gaol but then again we Irish like to be different.

Spent a great night in Wicklow Gaol with the rest of the PIGs (+2). Hadnt been there for a while and its somewhere we are very comfortable working. Sure it was cold but we know the layout very well and its got power .... something we often struggle with for our equipment.

Left to Right: Colum, Niall, Graham, Gavin and Mark (me).

I got some good photos that night though in general it was fairly quiet. Probably the highlight of the night was 5 fairly solid footsteps in the room above us when all 7 of us where in one very small room. I had my own experience of someone breathing heavey behind me but I was on my own so it counts for nothing other than being something for me to ponder.

I'll post a link to the shots once I get the gallery sorted.

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Liara Covert said...

Another gaol where visitors are known to capture inexplicable photos is in Port Arthur, Tasmania: