Wednesday, January 27, 2010 gets its belly rubbed! has been a little project I've been working on with big hopes. So for the last week I've been giving it so much needed attention. Yeah there are tweaks to made but I'm happy with it. Very happy.

We've lots of group sites in Ireland but I wanted to make a central reference site for all things Paranormal in Ireland. It contains a catalogue of hauntings from around the country listed by Province (Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster). There is a Submissions page for people to send me their own experiences or stories from their area to get added to the list.

People visiting Psychics, Mediums and Readers of all discription is fairly common in Ireland but a big problem is getting contact details for well known Psychics. After years of looking at people requesting the same phone numbers over and over again on message boards I thought it was time to build a directory. So thats what I'm doing. Am I endorsing these people? No. I'm outting out information that people are looking for.

I've included weekly Horoscopes on the front page.

Catalogue of Hauntings in Ireland.

As a designer its important for me that the site looks good too. I think it does but am always looking for feedback.


Nerin said...

Been watching this take shape. Very impressive, well done sir :)

Blogger said...

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